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How To Find The Best Conference Centre London

Feb 26, 2008
With the wealth of options in the capital it can be difficult to find a conference centre in London. The main problem you are likely to face is that there really are thousands of conference centres in London and the variety is so vast that making a decision can be daunting. After all if you have unlimited choice you have to know what you want. This can be much harder than you think. You have to prepare yourself for the questions that you will be asked long before you are asked them. Otherwise you may find yourself wasting a long time searching for venues that in reality are not suitable for you.

So what kind of things do you need to consider before you begin your search for a London conference centre? Well the following article aims to help you. You need to know how many people you will have at your conference, what type of event you are holding, whether you need specific facilities, whether you need food, how your delegates travel to the event, what you hope to achieve from the event and of course how much you expect to spend.


Knowing how many people you expect to attend your conference is vital. It goes without saying that if you are looking for a venue that holds 1000 people it will be an entirely different search to if you were looking for a place to host 10 people. The clearer you can be with the number of people you will be inviting then the easier it will be to find a venue. Many venues have flexible accommodation so that if you were unsure about how many people would be attending then you could choose a venue that would be flexible to your needs.

You want your event to have atmosphere and you want it to have a certain level of buzz to it. If you place 20 people in an enormous venue then this buzz may not be achieved. Conversely an overstuffed conference venue will not be enjoyable for anyone. So make sure you know in advance!

Event type

If you want a quiet event with a select few people then it is important to have this in mind. If alternatively you want to hold an enormous event for thousands of people then you need to know. The venue is often the first thing that people talk about when they are meeting for the first time. So if you need a place that will really wow your delegates then you need to make sure you select an appropriate place. Many venues are architecturally stunning and provide a great talking point for your delegates and is a great way to break the ice.

Facility needs

It is important to bear in mind what you need to achieve from your event. If you are going to be giving a speech or a lecture to a large audience it would be important to make sure that your facility has a dedicated lecture room. If you will want to split the delegates for smaller work group meetings or training schemes then you need to be sure that your venue has small meeting rooms. If you are hosting a high technology conference then you need to be sure that the IT facilities are up to scratch.
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