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Feb 26, 2008
There are a lot of methods to promote your web site as well as text ads on the related websites that offer you the great method to acquire the targeted traffic at the negligible cost.

Here we might look at the benefits of the text ads over other structures of advertising.

Text Ads

The text ad also has the advantage of being very cheap. You can usually get one for about $10 - 40 a month as well as get on the sites with about 50, 100,000 monthly guests or more.

What is it?

The text ad is usually a short line on all your product or else service, which links back to your web site and it is ordinary for the text ads to get the higher click all through the rates than the banners.

Hot Leads

If you just pick the right site as well as target it correctly for the minimal outlay that you can get a huge traffic flow as well as gain the quality link back to your web site as the bonus, also to increase all your link count.

Buying the Text Ads

You can also buy the text ads all through the brokers or else you can find the web sites that is advertising directly - If you go straight you can also save up to 50% on cost this is the normal split between the broker and web site so now by going straight you can also save this cost.

In terms of the quality traffic to the price paid, the text ads offer the excellent value for the money.

What are alternatives?

Well you can also write the articles or else have them all written for you as well as this method is also very effective but it can be lot of time consuming as well as more expensive than doing the text ad.

You can of course now try PPC as well as Ad Words but with the costs rising as well as conversion rates are poor, the text link ads usually offer the better quality traffic as well as lower rate per click.

The banners tend to be further expensive than the text ads as well as the click through rates are also very low.

Target Traffic for the Minimal Outlay

The Text ads therefore present the advertisers the very simple way to get the targeted traffic for the minimal outlay. With the more web sites advertising for the text ads that the direct costs are now coming down.

Today, now getting the search phrases on the Google as well as on other search engines is very harder than ever, with sheer volume of the web sites on the net.

For the most websites t cost of getting to the pinnacle on the competitive phrases is also impossible or else is cost prohibitive.

The alternative is very simply to get the hits from the web sites that have the traffic as well as a text ad strategy is also ideal for the companies on the limited budget.

Text ads as the part of your online advertising Campaign can also be highly effectual as well as if you shop around you will get a few great deals as well as get the targeted leads sent to your web site.
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