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Landing Your Dream Job With A Perfect Resume

Feb 26, 2008
The perfect resume is not a myth. It has nothing to do with elite schools or incredible work experience. A blue collar worker can have a stellar curriculum vitae and a white collar professional may have a poorly written one.

Writing a resume should be about knowing what employers look for in their job applicants. It is about detailed information that is accurate, truthful, not over-winded or too long. There is a fine line between not including enough information and including too much.

There are a few things that a great curriculum vitae has within its set margins. The first is personal information such as your name, address and contact numbers. It is also a good idea to put in your email address, in case they prefer communicating electronically.

The second is information about past job history and education. You will also want to mention salary history so that the employer knows what type of pay you will be asking for and whether or not you may be too expensive for their budget. Not every employer bases their opinions of hiring on salary requirements, but some do.

Not everyone can write a perfect resume. Even professional resume writers will make mistakes. However, it is important to know how to write a curriculum vitae just in case you need to submit one to a job possibility.

A bad one gets tossed into a folder or even worse, the trashcan. Avoid this by knowing the basics. If you have tried and still cannot get it right, then perhaps you should hire a professional.

Writing resumes can be very confusing. A professional writer can help you with the proper format and coach you along. If you do not know any professional writers, then you can always go to the local University and talk to the teachers in the help desk area.

They may be able to give you a sample of the particular curriculum vitae you want and can tell you how to set your information in place. As well, a quick internet search will provide you with many helpful tools, such as resume templates, resources and examples.

No one has an absolutely perfect resume. There are always flaws or mistakes. The goal is to eliminate as many mistakes as possible. You do not want to send in a curriculum vitae filled with incorrect spelling and grammar.

Make sure the paper you are using is good quality and is free from any stains or scents. Spraying your document with your favorite cologne or perfume will not help you land the job.
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