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Sanitary Vending Machines

Tom Jui
Aug 11, 2011
Any woman will tell you the importance of having a sanitary vending machine in a public bathroom. They are a vital part of any female toilet. While they may not be something you immediately think of when setting up a business, they will certainly be missed if they are not there. Every business needs to invest in tampon dispensers to keep staff and guests happy.

Sanitary vending machines give women reassurance should they ever be caught unprepared. Sanitary vending machines may not be the first purchase you think of when opening a new business but they provide income and keep guests happy. Tampon dispensers can be bespoke to your specifications, to fit both your business and size of bathroom. You can choose a tampon dispenser to match the style of bathroom as tampon dispensers come in a range of colours and sizes.

A wide variety of tampon dispensers are available, some accommodating both tampons and sanitary towels. When it comes to stocking your sanitary vending machines there is a vast choice of sanitary products to choose from. As a rule it is always best to go for well-known popular brands that woman are familiar with. Choosing the right products to stock your sanitary vending machines is important in keeping customers happy. Rather than going for the cheaper brands in a bid to make more profit, choosing recognisable brands will make customers much more likely to use them.

There are many different companies who supply tampon dispensers and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one to choose. Try to choose a supplier that stocks different types of sanitary vending machines so you can be sure to find the right one to suit your needs. Preferably try to find one that can also offer you supplies for your sanitary vending machines so you can get everything from one source. Some suppliers will also offer you a discount for bulk purchases of tampon dispensers.
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