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How To Get The Right Marquee Hire In Bristol

Aug 11, 2011
We all love the outdoors when it comes to enjoying a great social or family occasion. Marriage, birthdays, or even simple family reunions are great when we enjoy the gay flavours of the outdoors. But to enjoy the occasion thoroughly, you would need a marquee hire. Bristol, in south west England is quite a pleasant geographical niche for outdoor activities. However, rains here are quite unpredictable, so you must make sure that you have the proper arrangements for such a situation.

There are various kinds of marquees you can choose from. From the huge canvas tents used in circuses, to the quaint and elegant lace decorated polythene ones used for garden weddings, your could hire a design and size that suits your needs best. According to what plans you have, you should also ensure that you have the rightfully chosen kind of marquee.

For an occasion where you plan to cook in an open fire, make sure that you choose the flame proof canvas marquees. These are waterproofed like plastic base kinds, but without the flammable plastic layers. For an occasion in the winters, you could rent one that has thermal qualities like woollen lined or rug lined kinds. It rains hard in autumn and winter, so also ensure that the set up is made properly water proof though!

The biggest problems faced by people taking a marquee hire is the decoration factor with the climatic precautions taken into consideration. A company providing you with the most beautiful marquees may not be so great with the climate proofing of their stuff. Most of these companies will not want to spoil the dcor of their set up with an extra layer of water proofing, and neither would you! Beauty is a part of the deal anyway! Similarly, the weatherproof marquees available for hire are also mostly quite dull and drab.

Bristol has one of the warmest climates in south west England other than winter. Summers are usually quite dry, and you can enjoy the outdoors lavishly. Your marquee can have frills and laces, and you can use those exquisite soft pastel shades without worry. In winter though, with the rains coming in, darker colours are prefers so that the beauty isn't spoiled by the cloth getting wet!

If you're wondering how you can find the right people for a marquee hire, Bristol will offer you a number of good rental companies. However, make sure that you go through a number of good companies and their tariff charts before hiring their services.
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