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Are You Speaking the Language of Marketing?

Feb 27, 2008
When talking to prospects or new clients, I always ask the question, "Can you give me the three minute version of your business?" That question can get someone talking for hours--literally--about their business, expertise and products.

No doubt your business is very exciting to you, or you wouldn't be doing it. However, when I pose this question, I am listening for whether they are speaking the language of marketing or the language of their business. 99% of the time people are speaking the language of their business.

This is one of the biggest "missed opportunities" I see talented people make that cost them sales revenues. Let's define each language so you begin to distinguish between the two, and know when to use the appropriate one. Think of one as speaking English, the other as speaking French.

The language of business speaks about what you do, how long you have been in business, what products and services you offer. Many times the more education, experience and expertise one has about their business, the tendency can be to "tell" people about their products and services.

For example, when I ask the question to speakers, authors, coaches and professionals, most start immediately telling me their expertise, education or teaching me their "content or products," rather than discussing how their expertise can help someone. People hate to be told or sold. You can always tell when someone is speaking the language of business, because your eyes tend to glaze over after a few minutes.

The language of marketing speaks to what people want and need; what problem they have that needs solving. It is the language of what they desire at the deepest level of their values.

The language of marketing ASKS questions to discover what is important to the prospect and what they really need and want. People LOVE to talk about what is really important to them.

The language of marketing speaks to the concerns that keep us awake at night or diminish our quality of life, as well as our deepest aspirations. The language of marketing is the language of passion, love and purpose; the language of emotion. As we all know, people make decisions to buy based on EMOTION, and then they justify their decision with reason and logic.

This week notice your language. Is it speaking to the wants, needs and desires of your customers and prospects? Do you know what is most important to them?

Re-engineer these two languages in your business--so you can influence MORE people instantly. Nothing feels better than a prospect buying your service or product, saying, "This is exactly what I need."

Here's To Your Marketing Success!
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