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Manage Your Time More Effectively - Be Flexible!

Feb 27, 2008
It's impossible to plan for every outcome that life offers us. We manage our time in order to meet our goals in life, but things don't always go just as we picture them. Because the outcome of our daily lives depends on what we decide to do with our time, we need to be willing to make adjustments to our schedule.

With today's busy lifestyle, making time for work, recreation, family and friends can be challenging and at times, frustrating. In order to most effectively manage our busy schedules,it's necessary to closely examine our priorities. Knowing what is most important to us can help us to meet all our goals in life, whether they are business related or personal.

The way you manage your time should be centered around the things that take priority in your life. Take some time to examine your goals. Make a list. Then determine what steps you need to take towards meeting those goals. Simple short term goals like mowing the lawn each week require persistence but not a lot of planning. More serious goals may require more attention to detailed steps in order to reach the end result, such as choosing a college, or starting your own business.

After creating a step by step approach to achieving your goals, you'll begin to be aware of the time you'll need to allow for each step. You'll be able to manage your time more advantageously. Be aware, however, that since nothing in life is ever certain, you may need to make adjustments to your priorities. Choosing ahead of time that you need to be flexible, will make it easier to make any necessary transitions.

Keeping track of the time you spend engaging in each of your daily activities will help you determine if you need to make changes to your schedule. Ask yourself if you are making the best use of your time. Are your goals being met as a result of the time you've invested? Learning to recognize areas of your time that is wasted and then making the necessary changes, is an important time management skill. And it will improve with practice over time.

Make it a habit to continually, and honestly, assess your plans. If you are willing to make changes in how you manage your time, you will see ongoing improvement in this important time management skill.

While making a time plan for every day is essential for effective time management, no time plan is written in stone and no day will turn out exactly as you envisaged it. Because of this it can be a good idea to take time out in the middle of the day to re-evaluate your situation. Perhaps a meeting has been cancelled at work, or you have received a last minute invitation to an event that evening. If you are flexible with how you spend your time you can weigh up your options again and decide what is best for you given the new circumstances.

Learning to determine your goals, set priorities, and manage your time can be useful and rewarding when you choose to accept changes and learn to be flexible.
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