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Organic Traffic - Free all the Way to the Bank

Feb 27, 2008
While there is no question about whether traffic is a vital piece to your online business success, getting organic traffic which is also called free traffic requires some basic facts you should know about. Whether you should use paid traffic or unpaid traffic brings up an interesting topic. While the debate rages on, I prefer organic traffic because it is free and can become a tidal wave if you implement the following strategies.

To be more clear what unpaid traffic is type "search engines" into your browser and we will look at the results. The results you see on the right are paid traffic and the results on the left are called organic traffic or free traffic. Your goal is to for your website to be within positions one to five. The organic traffic positions are determined by search engines based on links pointed back to your website from other websites. The more links you have pointing to website the better your position will be in the organic traffic positions. Now we will examine how you build links. The most prominent to start building links are:Link farms, Link directories, Articles.

Link farms are just that, websites created for the sole purpose of selling links to other website owners. While debate rages as to the effectiveness of this method, Google is starting to penalize websites that have links from link farms with no other relevant content. I am not a fan of this method and I strongly doubt what your success in getting organic traffic will be.

Link directories are slightly different from link farms because they offer more contents to go with the link directories. Your website is listed with brief description of your websites content. Try to get your website into as many directories as you can. Your search for organic traffic will increase with this method.

Writing articles is the most effective way to start getting your share of organic traffic. This is so because you can influence your share of organic traffic positively. Pick a keyword or long tail keywords and then write an article about the keyword. Now submit your unique article to article distribution websites like Articlesdynamic. Submit your article to at least twelve article distribution websites. When website owners seek content they usually visit these sites. When your article is used a link to your website is also included. The search engine spiders love this kind of link very much. I have seen one article with hundreds of links. Imagine ten or twenty articles and you can easily create a free traffic avalanche coming to your website.

Another effective way to get organic traffic is to post in forums or on a blog that you have created. Also include your website link in all your email or letter heading. Building a good share of organic traffic requires patience, diligence and a fierce dedication to the written word. From my experience just keep writing relevant articles and the search engines will reward your website with more and more organic traffic.
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Raymond Nwambuonwo has been a contributing author for this website and is an acknowledged expert on articles in the field of Internet marketing.http://marketinguses.blogspot.com
Raymond Nwambuonwo has been a contributing author for this website and is an acknowledged expert in the field of Article Writing. Free Articles Submission
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