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The Pros and Cons of Adsense Sites

Feb 27, 2008
If you have been around the internet for a while you will no doubt have seen the type of website that is commonly known as an Adsense site. This is quite simply a website that is packed with content and articles on a specific subject, while displaying relevant Google Adsense adverts on every page.

Lots of people like the idea of being able to earn some money from promoting a site like this; once you have built up a regular stream of traffic to the website you should start to see some revenue from the Adsense clicks that people will perform.

There are some companies that sell ready made Adsense sites to people looking for a quick and easy way to get started. The content in these sites has been optimised and laid out especially to drive the maximum amount of traffic to the site, and achieve the best volume of clicks once people are there. All you need to do is buy your domain name, choose your hosting plan and plug in your Adsense account details.

You will normally find Adsense sites available on many different but popular subjects, such as credit cards, mortgages, earning money online, and so on. But is this a better option than starting from square one and designing your own unique site?

The main downside of a ready made Adsense site is that there will be other people out there promoting the same one that you have. This can mean you run the risk of being penalised by the search engines for not having unique content, and if that harms your traffic you won't see much in the way of cash going into your Adsense account.

Building your own site will obviously take much longer, but the journey will be worth it if you take the time to build a worthwhile site and experiment with where you position your adverts. You can use free content from article directories to get off to a faster start, but if you write your own articles and work in relevant keywords and phrases you should generate your own traffic in time.

The other big advantage of designing your own Adsense site (or paying a professional to do it for you, if your budget stretches that far) is that you can add in other elements to make even more money. You can highlight affiliate programs which will generate payments to you for everyone that signs up, and create a newsletter which will allow you to slowly start building a mailing list.

It is all these extra elements that will result in a site that really delivers in the long run. If you just want to set up an extra income stream to add to those you already have, then a ready made Adsense site might work for you. But if you really want to make some serious cash then it's worth putting the work in to create a site that can do so much more.

In the final analysis, remember this - you cannot develop a ready made Adsense site, but you can do anything you want with your own website.
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