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Is It Possible To Advertise Online Without Google?

Feb 27, 2008
Is it possible to advertise effectively online without Google. The short answer is no. Google is the Big Gorilla in Advertising these days and is only expanding its reach.

Here is what most people don't know it is easy to get listed highly in the organic search links. With a consistent Marketing program of Web 2.0 strategies, Blogging, Article writing and Press releases you can make a significant impact on the google search rankings.

The key is inbound links to your "Money" or Communication site. This "Money" site is either there to sell a specific item or it is there to build a list of Customers, or to sell ads like Adsense. Regardless of what your money site does. The method for getting that site ranked is inbond links and relevance to the search criteria.

The trick or "Black Hat" method of creating organic rankings is to create a network of sites such as Blogs, Joomla membership sites, Articles with backlinks and press releases. It is also necessary that all of these sites not come from the same IP address.

If you use one hosting provider for all of you links it is similar to having testimonies about your services all with your name on it. The "Spiders" that crawl the internet need to see sites as distinct individual sites and therefore give your money site more weight do to inbound links.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Theoretically it seems simple to do but there are some specifics that need to be followed to make this network come together in a living viable way to continually provide traffic to your site.

Your Blogs must have automatic feeds, You must have the ability to outsource your Article creation and membership site creation. You must know the right contacts and people to make this affordable and make a viable solution. Joomla membership sites provide great ways to provide additional marketing awareness and income. But the trick is to have a living breathing network of interconnectivity. Not only will Google rank you high but the traffic your create from the network will become part of your customer list as well.

This is a complex system and it should come together over time. 90 days is a what we put together to move companies to the next digit of profitability. You need to do your research up front to put this type of solution in place. The My 90DayBreakthrough system works with your marketing department to implement effective marketing strategies that will not only get you listed at the top of Google but dominate Google. We also have strategies to make your Marketing and advertising a profit center.

To Jump start your advertising we also have specific strategies to get cheap Google adwords advertising. These strategies are closely held and counter intuitive to most. However It will provide you with jump start to evaluate your marketing message. Our 90day Breakthrough program will provide you with a specific mind map that will detail out the specifics of jump starting your marketing and building a marketing network.

These are advanced strategies that have taken years to develop.
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