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Use Drop-shipping To Increase Profits

Feb 27, 2008
Drop-shipping is the coolest internet concept you've never heard of. With drop-shipping, you have no inventory, no warehouse, and no stock cluttering up your home. Simply sell the products through your website, process the orders, and have the wholesaler ship it directly to your customer. It's like having free products to sell online!

Contrast that with another technique, affiliate marketing. When you recommend products to your customers, you send them an e-mail that contains an affiliate link - one that takes them directly to a website where they can purchase the product. You get a commission from each sale.

A lot can go wrong with affiliate marketing. There's no way to ensure the customer goes to the website. You have no control over the content of the site, and forget about making any changes! And how do you know you are getting all the money that you deserve?

Drop-shipping offers many rewards and few risks. You don't have to store, insure, or count any stock - that's all up to the manufacturer. Your shipping costs are passed on, too, saving you money. Best of all, you can account for every penny. Think of what you could sell:

* Home-based giftware

* Gemstones wholesale

* Candle wholesale drop ship supplier

* Fabric, upholstery, and trim

* Cast-iron banks drop-shipping

* Home security products

The list goes on and on!

Although drop shipping sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, finding a wholesaler or a manufacturer to drop ship can be a challenge. Not all wholesalers want to mess with drop shipping and many on the internet who pose as wholesalers are not wholesalers at all...they are cleverly disguised "buying clubs" or "internet malls" designed to separate you from your money. They are drop ship sales scam artists and not dealers with wholesale products to sell.

So, Chris Malta to the rescue. He has compiled a list of drop shippers that his company has personally checked out. He has the staff and know-how to carefully screen every new Drop Shipper they find, and they add new Drop Shipper information to One Source Directory on a daily basis.

Not only do you get access to reputable companies, you can also sell over three million brand-name products on your website. Think of the possibilities - millions of amazing specialty items and products that can help you make amazing profits with your online business.

If you want to just dip your toe into an internet business, drop shipping is the way to go. Reduce the risk and increase your profits!
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