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Choosing Keywords From Search Term Misspelling Suggestions

Feb 27, 2008
People type huge amounts of search term misspelling suggestions when they are choosing keywords, when they try to find the information they need.Maybe one of the greatest reasons is the keyboard, which we all use. It looks the same no matter what is tha nationality of the writer.

It is amazing to note, that so many type their good keywords in the same wrong way. First I thought these are worthless keywords, but when I thought the topic more in detail, I found out that here is a great chance, because these search term misspelling suggestions have much lower competitionand people write them on a constant basis.

That means simply that it is easier to reach high search engine ranking and cheaper Google AdWords bid price, than by using the usual, high demand keywords.

1.Typos, Misspellings, Brackets, Quotes, Plurals, Synonyms, Alternate Word Forms, Negative Keywords and Related Terms.What a list, huh! I thought always that when I write my good keywords correctly, they will work most effectively. But these search term misspelling suggestions have the needed demand but not so much competition. They are also very targeting, because they are so called long tail keywords.

When a searcher uses long tail keyword, he has thought more in detail, what he actually is looking for.Well, you can always try and type one of your normally used keywords with brackets into Google and then compare the number of results between these two methods.

Perry Marshall, who is an AdWords Specialist, says that by misspelled keywords we can save at least 30 % of the AdWords bid price and that is a lot. And you can guess the reason: lower competition.

The stats show that around 95% of the website traffic comes from 5% of the keywords, so it is vital choosing keywords, which bring good targeted traffic, but do not cost too much. We just have to step out from the box.

This is extremely important today, because the big group of companies have wakened and use AdWords and other PPC mediums strongly.

2.How Common Are Misspelled Keywords?
Well, very common. One example about search term misspelling suggestions is Britney Spears, which has been misspelled over 130.000 times. Now we can imagine how much the common internet business keywords are misspelled and can understand that those search term misspelling suggestions are very valuable for us all.

3. Why Quotes, Misspellings, Brackets, Typos, Plurals, Negative Keywords, Alternate Word Forms, Related Terms And Synonyms Are So Important?The question is about the demand and the supply. Choosing keywords from the common, mainstream keyword list, the internet business marketer will compete about AdWords bid price with the huge, global companies, which have enormous budgets.
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