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Increase The Strength Of Links To Your Site

Feb 27, 2008
When it comes to promoting your site online it can really be quite a drag. There are many resources out there to help you but this either means spending lots of time building links manually or using spamming software to litter you link all over the net. Personally I tend to delete spam and so does the mighty google. So what do you do spam or spend loads of time looking for link partners, it seems like a lose, lose to me.

I would personally look to promote a site as a quality one with genuine authority. This means looking for sites that have a high PR and are respected within your industry. You see we all want are sites to be great but sometimes we lack the understanding needed to put them on the map. Remember that Google will use your links from other sites to judge yours. The higher the quality and authority the higher your site will appear in the SERPS.

This also works the other way. If you put your link on a low quality and less respected site your site will be painted with the same brush unfortunately. It can take an immense amount of hard work and effort to make up for the bad reputation you have already been labeled with due to that one link.

So you must look for quality links and some of the best places to look are web directories. A well respected web directory will use a pay per review method and give you a high quality, well maintained backlink. I just want to go over a few points with regards to choosing a web directory.

- Ensure you can put your link into a category that is relevant to what you have to offer. When it comes to SEO, relevance is everything.

- Make sure the description of your website is unique in order to grab maximum attention from the websites.

- Ensure the directory maintains few links inside the category as it keeps your link strength high.

- Only keeps quality links within the directory as it is important your site is linked to other respected sites.

These tips will help you maintain the strength of your links and ensure that your site gets the maximum respect from the search engines. Linking is not a straight forward game and the search engines are continually changing what they want from your linking strategies. One thing I know will never change is that quality will always override quantity and you should keep this in mind no matter what your linking strategy is.
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