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The Two Most Effective Way To Secure A Sales Job In Any Industry You Want Quickly and Painlessly

Feb 27, 2008
What you are about to learn is going to be different than you are used to when looking for a sales job.

You are not going to learn how to submit your sales jobs on job sites or replying to job ads on the newspaper. We all know how to do all that.

Instead, we are going to discover some of the sure fire techniques used by sales recruiters to really kickstart your success in getting the sales job you really want.

Let's have a closer look,

1.Research your industry

Most experienced sales people who have worked in a certain industry for a while will know practically every other major competing companies in their industry.

Some of them enjoys good relations with the competitors and remain in close contact.

For example, if you are currently working for Dell as a Senior Sales Manager, naturally, you will know other business entities operating in the same line of industry even though they may present as a commercial threat to the company.

Companies such as Tesco, Sainsburys and ASDA in the UK tend to study the activities of each other to achieve competitive advantage. Similarly, as a sales job seeker, you will need to know your business competitors inside out to get the competitive advantage and the job you want.

This is one of the main reasons why most successful salespeople who leave a company are usually snapped up almost instantaneously by the competitors particularly if the industry you are in is highly incestuous and where word spreads pretty fast.

Individuals who are new to any industry and those who want to further their sales career in their chosen trade needs to research the main players so it can give you the 'edge' and catapult you to stay ahead of the job hunters crowd.

Simply by undertaking research on companies, not only will you gain immense knowledge on the products or services they provide but you will also gain valuable knowledge on the market trend as a whole.

Perhaps, you may be able to gauge the unique sales and marketing techniques used by each company.

Just by understanding the operation management of companies can bring immediate added value to your search. Companies adore individuals who possess good knowledge of themselves and understand their target market well.

Aim to be a 'leader' in your chosen industry and you will get the job you want.

Start by listing the companies you want to work for and find out the key USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) for each of these companies.

Once complete, you can...

2. Contact the company direct.

Once you have completed your research, you can start by finding out the Sales Director / Manager or the HR Manager for each of the companies you have researched.

Call each of the companies directly and speak to the individuals responsible for recruitment.

Remember to put into action all of the formulas you will learn from Sales Job Guide.

This is especially important in the telephone interview techniques. Although, this is more of an 'investigative call' rather than a telephone interview, the fundamentals remain.

You will find that not all companies are open to this approach.

However, the majority of them will always be interested in good candidates. Send them your cover letter and CV and do not forget your web link as well.

If you are good in sales and can bring revenue to any company then I think it is silly for companies not to offer you an interview at the very least.

Follow up with your contacts. Find out further details on the opportunities. You can always ask about referrals to other companies who may be looking for sales candidates. This is worth pursuing even when there are no opportunities currently available.
About the Author
Ambar Hamid runs an international sales headhunting firm and he recruits top level sales executives in major conglomerates of the world.

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