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How A Press Release Can Benefit A Home Based Business

Feb 27, 2008
Many home based business owners are focusing too much on becoming familiar with the latest technologies that allow them utilize trendy marketing tools and less on the importance of traditional methods of marketing their services to customers. One of the simplest tools, the press release, can have quite an impact on consumers and, until Internet marketing strategies took over the business world, used to be one of the most popular methods of advertising.

An announcement that highlights a business, service, event or sale, a press release can be written up as though it is a news story and printed wherever content is accepted. Though many consumers do not realize it, there are several press releases printed in daily newspapers and many magazines run releases disguised as feature stories. As the Internet gains popularity, press releases are being sent out in email format, posted in blogs and featured on websites.

What are the main benefits of creating a press release?

1. Free Publicity Unlike print advertisements, it rarely costs a cent to run a press release in a newspaper, magazine or on the web. Most publications or websites, when lacking content, are more than happy to run releases that they think are newsworthy. Though there arent nearly as many businesses utilizing press releases as there used to be, its important to make sure your release contains as much news as possible so that yours will be weeded from the rest.

2. Search Engine Rankings By submitting your press release online, youre creating another link to your website. The more links you have scattered throughout the Internet, the higher your business with rank on a search engine. Internet surfers are more likely to visit sites listed on the first few pages of a search engine, so youll generate a lot more web traffic.

3. News If something new and exciting is going on at your business, such as a special event or new service, you can write a press release to alert your customers. Running the release on your website or pasting it into a mass email will access a lot more people than if you were to try and contact each person individually.

4. Keeping Your Name Fresh Press releases are a great way to remind your customers that you are still around and running strong. Written well, a press release seems a lot more personal than a quick email with a few bulleted highlights of new services you may be offering.

Since a press release should be written in article format, its important to hire a professional writer in order make sure that your business is represented properly. You should also pay attention to the responses you generate from your press releases so you can learn about what information seems to interests customers the most for the future. As you learn about your customers and what theyre interested in, youll be able to offer them services theyll be more likely to spend money on.
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