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Making Money With Ebooks - 7 Easy Steps

Feb 27, 2008
There are two groups of people that make it possible for money to be made with e-books. One, the people who want information about their subjects of interest and are willing to pay for it. Two, those who are knowledgeable in these areas and have written or will write books with the desired information.

The first step to make money with e-books is to find a profitable broad niche market. This is a very important step in the whole process. If you choose the wrong one all you will have in the end is a lot of waisted time and money. You will need a keyword research tool to aid you in speeding up the research phase. One of my favorite tools to use is 'Nichebot'.

The second step in the process is to pin point a narrow niche inside of this broader market in which there is little competition yet enough demand to make it worth while to go after. Again taking advantage of a good keyword tool will greatly speed up this step.

The third step is to find out exactly what this market needs. There are several ways to go about this. Check out what is being talked about in forums and chat rooms within this niche. Are there reoccurring themes that keep coming up? Is there anything you find people asking for but no answers as to where they can find it? Check out what products your competition are selling and ask yourself this question, "Are there any holes in the product?" Is there a need in the niche that is not being fully met by this product? You do not have to purchase the product to find this out but you can if you would like. Just simply ask if anyone has bought the product and what they found lacking in it.

The fourth step is to create the product in demand. You can create it yourself if you are knowledgeable about the subject or you can hire someone else to write the e-book for you by going to elance.com or a similar site. Another option is to find an existing product that meets the demand sell it for the owner while making a commission from every sale. There are entire sites dedicated for this purpose such as PayDotCom.com or ClickBank.com.

If you decide to create the product yourself then step five will be to design a website with at least two pages. Page one would be your "Sales letter". Page two would be the "Thank you" page. This page will be where your customer is redirected to download the e-book after they pay. Your order button will be on the "Sales letter" page and will take your customer to a secure payment processor such as Paypal. If you do not have the expertise to design a website then you will want to hire this out to a professional.

Step six is to set up your lead capturing system. This could be a splash page you send your customers to before they get to the affiliate product or if you are selling your own product then you can incorporate your lead capturing system into your "Sales letter" page.

Finally step seven is to advertise and promote the product to those in the niche you have found. This can be done by many different means. You can advertise off line in newspapers, niche magazines and local papers. You can advertise online with pay per click advertising, pay per play advertising, ezines, blogs and articles to just mention a few ways. The key is to always set up tracking in order to find out what advertising works and what does not.
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