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Finding Your Products To Sell On eBay Or Any Online Retail Business

Feb 27, 2008
Along with customer service, finding the right products to offer to the pubic is probably one of the most significant subjects for those wanting to sell on eBay or any other on line retail business. The main aim is to buy in at low prices and sell high. Of course, the majority of people just starting out on eBay begin by selling their own personal goods, all of that surplus stuff they have in the attic or basement. This is a good route to take into eBay as it will help you become familiar with the basics of shipping and general customer service.

When the attic is empty, however, you will need to find more items to sell. Every Saturday and Sunday now involves searching around garage sales and flea markets, looking for merchandise and it soon becomes apparent that this it taking up a lot of your time and money. So, where to turn now? What you really need is to find a wholesaler where you can buy in bulk at cheap prices and make your mark up on eBay.

There are a few ways you can do this, but one of the methods you should avoid is to use search engines on line. This is not a good way to find legitimate and genuine suppliers of wholesale goods; in fact you are more likely to come across scams using search engines.

These scam artists set up a business with real wholesalers and then basically endorse themselves as the supplier. They put up the prices of the stock and simply pass on the orders received to the real wholesaler. By this point the prices are so high, it will be practically impossible for you to sell the goods and make any money. Many of these rip off merchants services will not be free of charge and they will ask you for a monthly fee to be able to utilize their facility. They will also inform you that it is not necessary for you to have a reseller's license in order to open an account with them.

Evidence that you are an above board business will be required by any genuine wholesaler you approach and such proof is generally in the form of a license for business and a sale tax permit. Although the actual name of the documents required is different from state to state, whatever the name, these papers are vital to have in your possession if you wish to trade with real wholesalers. This should not put you off though! They are not so difficult to get your hands on and if you pop down to the county courthouse you will be guided through the process of exactly what is needed. In addition, if you don't incorporate, you won't need the services of a lawyer.

So, when you have decided to start trading seriously on eBay, or with any other on line retailing business, these are the main things to remember about the businesses where you are likely to be buying your stock from.

1. You will not find your supplier on the internet via a search engine
2. Make sure your paperwork to sell is in order as this will be required by the genuine supplier
3. The genuine wholesaler will not charge you to buy from him by way of a setting up fee or an amount to be paid on a monthly basis.

If you come across a wholesaler not fitting into these criteria, you will find he is most likely to be a con man, simply trying to look like a genuine wholesaler.
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