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Ebay My World Can Drive Traffic To Your Ebook Listings

Feb 27, 2008
If you are a seller, selling ebooks on eBay, there are a number of tools that you may not be taking advantage of. One of the best is the relatively new My World feature.

As you most likely know, the more traffic you can drive to your auctions, listings and store, the more items you will sell. The problem is always, how to drive traffic. The My World feature can be a very powerful tool in your quest to generate more traffic.

First of all, let me explain what My World is. My World is a customizable page that every eBay seller has available. Even though you may not know it, you have a My World page. You can get to it even if you are not on the auction site. Just type into your browsers navigation bar this url: myworld.ebay. com/your-id where your-id is replaced by the id you use for eBay. You may have to type http:/ / at the beginning of the url.

You will be taken to your My World page. The fact that you can get there quickly from off of eBay is one of the advantages you can use to help market your ebook auctions and store. If you set up your My World page properly you may be able to have it show up in Google or Yahoo search results.

You can customize the page. This is where you can set it up to help your marketing. Things you can put on your page:

Feedback No choice with feedback. It will automatically be at the top.

Listings - Display your current listings and customize how they appear on your page.

Photo or Icon - You can put your photo or an Icon you identify with.

Bio - Besides putting any personal info you may want, you can also put selling policies and you can also create search tags. This is where you can start marketing from this page, by using good tags, or keywords.

Reviews & Guides - This is another area for enhancing your marketing. Start writing reviews and guides about the items you are selling. You can feature a subject that a group of ebooks you are selling are about. You can talk about ebooks and how someone can utilize your ebooks to make money for themselves. Use the guides to again tag with keywords and help sell your products.

Blog - This is a really powerful part of the system. You can set up blog entries that feature articles about your items. You can also use external url links from your blog to send your reader wherever you want, like your website.

Store - eBay Stores sellers will have their own Store module with customizable promotion. You can market your store from the My World page. Just one more piece of your marketing.

When you utilize all of these things together, the guides, reviews, blogs all tied together on this page, all marked with tags and keywords that the search engines can pick up, you can enhance your eBay and your off eBay traffic. It is just one more tool, one more advantage you can use to promote your online business.
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