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How To Save Money On Office Supplies

Feb 27, 2008
Finding cheap office supplies is vitally important. It is frightening how much money you spend on office supplies. Many of these costs are unavoidable but you would be amazed at how much you could save by shopping around and finding a supplier that will give you a discount. Often the price difference between these replenish able items may seem insignificant at first but when bought en mass or calculated over a long period of time a small saving can make a big difference. Even if it only a few pennies difference on individual items the cumulative money that you save over the long term can be astounding.

Office essentials

Office essentials such as lever arch files, ring binders, envelopes, memo pads, staplers, hole punchers, pens, highlighters and re-positional notes are exactly that- essential. The money you shell out on these supplies can be reduced by shopping around and finding a good deal. Often, the smaller items that cost less individually such as the pens and envelopes are the ones on which you can make the most savings. On the face of it these items may be so cheap per item that you don't consider them an expensive purchase. You see the low price and think that you are not spending much.

However if you consider it carefully you could be paying much more than you think. For example if you buy 1000 envelopes every month and they cost you 12p each then you will be paying out 120 pound. Pay only 10p and this will work out at 100 pounds per month. That's only 20 pounds a month but make this saving over a year and you will have saved 240 pounds. Over five years is will save 2880 pounds. If you were to make savings like this across a number of different office supplies you could be saving an enormous amount of money.

Paper Supplies

There are a number of different categories of paper which if you are shrewd will save you a lot of money. Paper is another of those items that you may not have even considered closely. You are likely to have chosen one of the first packs that you came across. This would however be a mistake. There are great savings to be had on paper. So whether you use a large amount of A4 paper, A3 paper, copier paper, multi-functional paper, inkjet paper, photo paper, coloured paper and labels.

The savings over a year or two can be significant if you take the time to research the best options and calculate how much you can save. It has to be said that paper supplies can cost a great deal of money over time and however anal it may sound even the smallest of savings but these will reap rewards over time. So it is imperative that you scrutinise every penny that you pay out and also try and make sure that you don't use too much paper in your office. Every piece of paper that you use costs you a little bit of money and although it may not on first reflection look like much but it adds up. So save trees and save money by reducing your office paper use and search around to find a good deal on the paper you buy - however tight it may on the face of it seem.
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