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Incredible Power In Numbers!

Aug 17, 2007
As a promoter and publicist representing liberal arts clients, my daily existence can be anything but normal. As such, I would like to disseminate a bit of my experience that may be of significant benefit to business owners who work in more mainstream industries.

Although previously only a witty saying to me, I now have firsthand experience that the age-old axiom, "There is power in numbers," is indeed an accurate statement. For, it is a verifiable fact that the more something is presented to more people, the more it will continually find responders who support it.

As an example, in the music industry, in order for a recording artist to obtain a Gold record award for sales, the artist must sell a minimum of 500,000 units of the recording.

While that number may seem somewhat of a respectable achievement, it pales in comparison to the actual number of people that the recording has been exposed to who have, subsequently, rejected it. This number is in the thousands and, perhaps, even in the millions.

This is because, with the promotion and publicity aspects of any given marketing campaign, regardless of the product or service at the center of attention, there is a "weeding out" process through rejection before obtaining and retaining the number of committed buyers.

This is, in part, due to such factors as multiple distractions of daily life or a significant number of competitors of a similar product or service. The time of year or geographical location can also be important factors determining the success of a product or service. Equally, so can the stock market and current events play major roles on product or service success as well.

And, rarely, if ever, is that "weeding out" process complete at the beginning of the campaign, but it alternately exists throughout the promotional campaign.

Therefore, without going into product or service specificity, the below general guidelines should prove highly effective in providing a good positive return on the investments of time and finances for marketing most products or services.

1. Start out with a great (not simply good) product or service.

2. Ensure that the product or service is unique in some capacity, i.e., less expensive, works faster, easier to operate, learn or maintain.

3. Compiling all of your product's or service's benefits that make it different or better than your competitors, present these benefits in the form of a news release and present it to the most appropriate media sources within radio, television, and print publications in order to expose it to the public at large.

4. If appropriate, approach people and ask them to utilize your product or service so that you can get their feedback on it in the form of a comment or testimonial. In fact, you should actually do this *before* executing Step 3 above so that you can include their responses of support within your news release, which will make the product or service that more appealing to the media.

5. Whether or not this is your only product or service, be sure to have a website that peripherally promotes it (also include your feedback testimonials on the site as well).

6. Depending on your product or service, consider including an additional product of lesser cost (to you) but which will also serve as a complement to your main product or service, and which will support and present to your customers and clients as a greater overall value for their purchase.

7. You would also do well to set up an affiliate or reseller program that allows other businesses or individuals to market, publicize, promote and advertise your product or service for you, in exchange for a commission for their efforts.

8. Also, instead of a "one size fits all" approach, consider different versions of your product or service, such as sizes, colors, shapes or packages. These particular variances also give you more opportunities for sales on a single product idea.

9. Free shipping, limited time price offers, or limited supplies on your particular quantity or version are also strong sales inducements.

10. If your product or service has a degree of complexity in its use or operation, consider offering free classes or workshops to your customers in order to help them make its learning curve. Such classes could be conducted both online and offline. And, even if it isn't a product or service of difficulty, having some form of a guidance class available shows major goodwill to your clients and customers.

11. Devote, at least, one hour of time each day to prospecting for new clients, whether online or offline. A good online area to do so would be on chambers of commerce websites.

12. Create a mailing list for either your company, or your product or service that allows your customers/clients to submit questions they may have (more goodwill).

You can, in turn, mold their questions and your answers into an F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your website, as well as your print marketing materials that, over time, makes the "educational" aspect of your product that much easier and less expensive.

13. Survey your clients periodically, whether online or offline, to learn how they feel about your product or service, and if there are changes for improvement they can suggest in order that you can make the product or service better.

14. Advertise your product with appropriate media sources, i.e., television, cable, radio, print and online.

In closing, if you combine the consistency of implementing these steps (some on a daily basis, and some on a weekly basis), along with a continuance of presenting your product or service to more people, your efforts will assuredly result in an ever increasing winning formula with a successful marketing template that you can apply to and execute with new products and services, and their respective future marketing campaigns.
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Kenny Love is a national sales director with U.S.M.R., the largest multi-billion dollar mortgage reduction service firm operating in the United States and Canada. To receive free information on becoming a
highly paid regional manager with U.S.M.R., call toll-free at (800)365-7550, ext. 85295.
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