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Employing SEO; In House Or Outsource?

Feb 27, 2008
Many companies that are about to undertake an SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign debate whether to outsource the task or develop means of performing the associate tasks 'in house.' Many believe that if they take the latter option of search engine optimisation they will save time and money for the same results; this however is a common misconception. The price paid for expertise is a finite quality that is worth every penny.

For instance if you had to build a bridge across a valley you would not try to design and construct the bridge yourself, you would hire a host of engineers and mechanics. Without the expertise the bridge would fall, the same applies to search engine optimisation.

Using 'in house' workers to fulfil the tasks of SEO can prove just as expensive as employing an outside company. Costs in labour and time can eventually add up to the same fees that an optimisation company may charge; in many cases the outside company may work out cheaper. Added to this 'in house' services will have to embark on a learning curve that will also be time consuming and far from cost effective.

Price however is relative; if the tasks of SEO are carried out incorrectly, the price of not using an outside company will expand from the monetary sphere. The initial outlay for search engine optimsation can be considered a minor factor, although it is the easiest to quantify, if incorrect practises are pursued the consequences can be devastating to your business.

If you choose an SEO company that uses shady or 'black hat' methods the consequences can be dire. These 'black hat' techniques may produce results in the short term but over time they can be extremely detrimental. This is due to the advanced software that search engines utilise; shady methods will eventually be noticed and then penalisation is a certainty.

Search engines will 'de-list' a site meaning hat it will have literally no search positions; this will often leave businesses in a worse state than before. Added to this if a site becomes de-listed it can be practically impossible to regain entry to the search engine index and begin reaping search results once again.

The SEO industry is rapidly growing due to the search engines dominance over the internet. So many companies are entering the market and when they do they feel the returns do not appear quick enough. The realisation must be made that no matter how good your SEO is results will take time to appear, although the use of effective methods will reduce this waiting period.

One occurrence when employing SEO is disenchantment; some companies who have been subjected to ineffectual or 'black hat' methods are left with the opinion that optimisation is pointless for their business. This mistaken belief leads to a loss of profitability when a company's competitors are reaping the benefits of successful optimisation.

While the cost of using an SEO specialist is a factor in the optimisation process, it should be of little concern. 'Saving' money by using current employees to carry out the tasks is usually a misnomer. The wages and time wasted on pursuing strategies that will simply not work should be avoided. These costs may not be realised initially but over time they will become strikingly apparent.

Of prime importance is to find an SEO company with a good reputation and a proven track record of producing results. Penalisation for techniques should be avoided at all costs and if those carrying out your optimisation are knowledgeable enough, they will also remember this golden rule.

Abandoning SEO after one bad experience is also unadvisable, if you do happen to find yourself with an ineffectual optimisation company find a different one that will produce results. The world of business is highly competitive and finding a company that will give you the edge over competitors is truly priceless.
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