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Is Your Home Business Overwhelming You?

Feb 27, 2008
I am really excited. I have just joined the brand new PIPSPOWERGROUP. This is a group of experienced internet marketers who got together to set up a Home Business membership site to enable newcomers to make money online. The beauty of this concept is that you are mentored by six experienced people each an expert in their own field so they complement each other and help you achieve your goals

One thing that has been apparent very quickly is that most newcomers, even seasoned marketer find the Home Business Market overwhelming. The forum is full of excellent information, advice, resources, ideas and opinions about every subject possible and some more.

But how can you assimilate all this information. Most importantly how can you filter this information so that you can start making money on the internet.

Most of us agreed that it would be helpful to have a step by step to do or action list. The dilemma is what concepts you would focus on so you can keep the list simple and manageable.

As you might or might not know the consensus is that there are four basic concepts;

* Multi Level Marketing

* Affiliate Marketing

* Niche Marketing

* Blog Marketing

Social bookmarking/networking seems to be the big thing this year. Some say it is the only thing and might even overtake e-mails by making them nearly redundant. So maybe there are 5 concepts making it difficult to decide which one to concentrate on and start making money.

Is this confusing or what? Now if you take into consideration that each of us work differently and at our own pace and ability you can see how difficult to tailor make an action plan to suit everyone.

Others in the programme felt that having a choice and valid information we can arrive at our own plan that suits our circumstances in our own time.

Saying that there must be a basis/platform or minimum requirements that will be needed to start and run a Home Based Business whichever concept you decided on depending on your current circumstances.

After a quick brainstorming session I came up with the following list of basic stuff you need to start with. This is regardless of what concept you chose. The basics are:

* a site; might be a web/blog/Wordpress/Squidoo etc...

* a hosting company

* an auto responder

* customers/traffic/visitors

* need a product to give away or sell

* need a system to accept and process orders and payment

Have I forgotten anything? I might have. So please e-mail me with your comments/ suggestions or simply ask any questions you have on this topic.

You have nothing to lose and believe me a lot to gain. Go Do It Right Now!
About the Author
Charles C. Boustany helps ordinary people from all walks of life, by enabling them to determine their needs and together help them find positive bespoke solutions to address these needs. To find out how Charles can help you start your own Home Business Journey Go To: http://www.godoitrightnow.com
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