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More EBay Tools To Market Your Ebook Store

Feb 27, 2008
The biggest questioned asked by sellers on eBay is, how do I get more traffic to my store and my auctions? Ebay has added a number of tools to help you generate traffic. One of the best tools is eBay Guides.

Guides is a tool you can use to teach about a certain subject or niche. Guides are exactly what the name implies, to guide visitors in some area of interest. A guide is a manual that gives directions. It is not for reviews. EBay has another area called the review area for reviews. I will discuss that in another article.

How do guides work? You access the guides area from My Reviews & Guides" on your My eBay page. You can manage the guides you've created. You can change your guide. You can publish a guide. You can also see the status of your guides. Those listed as displayed are posted on eBay, and everyone can read them. Not displayed are guides hidden from view, either because it is draft or it is in violation of some policy.

Guides listed as submitted are still under review. When you write a guide they are reviewed by eBay. If there are no problems with it, then after the review they make it live.

Now that you know all about guides, you are probably wondering, "but how do I use it to make money?" It is actually used similar to the way articles are used to market websites. You write a guide on a subject related to what you are selling. Your guide should be interesting and useful. When I say useful, I mean it has to have some value to the reader. If there is no value to the reader, he will not read much before he clicks away and will not likely read any of your other guides and chances are he won't do business with you.

If you write useful guides, eBay buyers will notice. They will look for and read your guide. Near the end of your guide, you should add what amounts to a resource box. This resource box will include a link to your store. When they come to the end of your guide, they will see your information and your store link and they will click the link, go to your store and buy something. At least, that's the general idea.

The better your guide, the more likely they will be to check out your store. This is the first benefit of your guide, directing eBay traffic to your store. There is another benefit.

When you write your guide, like any other content you create, you must think in terms of keywords. Keywords drive everything online. Like you would put appropriate keywords in your auction title, you put keywords into your guide title. You also select tags, which is really another name for keywords. Both of these keyword pieces of your guide will be searchable to anyone on eBay.

The biggest bonus is, the guides are also crawled by the search engines. You could conceivably be listed in search engine results from searches on your tags or keywords. You might be able to get off eBay traffic.

Guides can be a useful tool as part of your overall marketing campaign. To maximize your online efforts you should use every tool available to you including the eBay guides.
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