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Why You Should Use Free Giveaways to Promote Your Business

Jinger Jarrett
Feb 27, 2008
Whether you're brand new to internet marketing, or you're simply looking for a way to jumpstart your profits, free giveaways might just be the answer.

A free giveaway is where you offer a gift of some kind for signing up for your list. Your gift can be anything from an ebook or report you've written to a free subscription to your membership site.

Regardless of what kind of gift you offer, there are certain things you should keep in mind:

1. If you are offering a premium you didn't create, make sure that you can use this product in the giveaway. Although there are many products you can get resale rights to, it's important to make sure you read the terms of service first. Some product owners don't allow their products to be given away.

2. If you do decide to use some type of resale rights product, make sure that your offering is unique. You can do this by adding additional gifts to the offer, or you can even write some type of report to add to the package. Just make sure you're not giving away the same thing someone else is. Otherwise you won't get very many new subscribers.

3. If you do decide to give away some type of product you've created, do your homework first. In other words, do your research. You don't want to offer a giveaway gift that isn't related to the giveaway, or it's something no one would want. You can visit forums, Ebay, or the search engines to get ideas.

4. Once you've created your gift, get it submitted as soon as possible. Since there may be some type of waiting period before your gift is approved, you want to get it submitted as soon as possible.

5. As soon a you join a new giveaway, you should start promoting it. Although many will offer you prewritten emails for your lists, you should rewrite these, or write your own. If you don't have a list, you can always use other promotion techniques like free classifieds, Squidoo lenses, article writing, or some other technique you feel comfortable with.

Many giveaway site owners will delete your gift if you don't promote, so make sure you promote the giveaway and not just your gift.

Giveaways can help you jumpstart your business, and your profits, without the hassles of joint ventures. If you're looking for additional revenue streams and new customers, free giveaways might just be the answer.
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