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The Downside To Becoming A Private Investigator

Feb 27, 2008
If you are considering a switch in careers and becoming a private investigator now is the time to make the move.

While the private investigation industry is experiencing somewhat of a boom at present, getting yourself established within it will still take some time and it's now time for you to take some action.

Getting started is difficult simply because there is some protocol you must clear before proceeding such as your eligibility. For example, you must not have a criminal history and need to have the proper licensing.

Two Options

You can either work for an agency or set up in business yourself. The former is the most logical step if you are completely new to any type of investigative work. There is a learning curve you need to overcome so unless you have some experience in P.I. work, then setting up in business by yourself will be a little ambitious.

Check with your local college or university and sign up to do a course. While colleges don't have private investigation courses as part of their curriculum, there are those who administer courses on behalf of G.E.S. and you will need to register at the school.

The courses are available online and are a good way to gain an initial introduction into the industry on your way to becoming a private investigator.

If you are taking the route of seeking employment with an established P.I. firm, one way to get your "foot in the door" is to offer your services on a work experience basis.

While it's not paid work, if accepted, you'll at least get a look at the day-to-day runnings of a private investigation business and when it comes time to seek employment, that experience will hold you in good stead.

Starting Your Own Business

Going it alone should be considered only after you have at least a couple of years experience "under your belt." It's tough starting in business and while the ability to earn more money is there, you'll need to consider the overhead costs plus getting established as two hurdles you need to overcome.

Have a business plan drawn up; this is a vital first step in starting your own P.I. business and until you become firmly established, you can cut down overheads by working out of your home.

The benefits of becoming a private investigator include not having to stick to a rigid work time schedule but before you decide to make the leap, consider the whether it's really what you want to pursue.
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