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Influencing With Integrity

Feb 27, 2008
I just returned from LA and speaking at Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Speaking Event. It was a weekend packed full of bright speakers influencing a crowd of 400 some experts who want to learn how to get their information out in the world.

I always enjoy listening to these speakers delivering their message on stage and their "strategies for influencing an audience.

Have you ever bought something that later, you asked yourself, "What did I just do, and what made me buy that?" There are powerful influencing strategies blasted to us daily, some on TV, others on internet, still more in ways we didn't even imagine.

We can be hypnotized to think we need this item, or that latest fad. Sometimes we do. And all too often that book we bought still sits on our shelf unread, or that dress we had to have hangs in our closet with the tags still on it.

So how are we really influenced? Seldom is it by need. Something much more powerful is occurring under the surface.

How can we best influence our audience, backed with integrity? Here are 3 Influencing Principles to increase your Influencing abilities.

1. Principle of Reciprocity: Every year when Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of this principle at work in Tony Robbins' life many years ago.

Tony's early years were filled with financial hardships. One Thanksgiving Holiday there was knock on the door and a basket filled with Thanksgiving goodies was handed to Tony's family. Out of pride, Tony tried to refuse the gift, but the person would not take no for an answer, saying "We heard you are in need of help.

There will come a time when you can repay this gift by helping others in need." Tony has gone on to reciprocate this gift over and over, as his Foundation hands out 2 million Baskets of Holiday goodies to families in 72 countries. You can help in your city by checking out Giving Extraordinary at the Tony Robbins website.

2. Principle of Contrast: I experienced this principle at work when I built my new home 2 years ago.

I walked into this model home and immediately loved the floor plan and ALL the luxury upgrades. As I walked through the model, I wanted all the extras. The base price of the model, however didn't include any of the upgrade costs.

Naturally the cost began shooting up as I started selecting the luxury upgrades I wanted in my new home. The principle of contrast is used on us daily in automobile sales, home sales and more. It is easier for us as consumers to talk ourselves into all the extra goodies once we have decided to purchase the item at "base cost."

My new home's price ended up being 30% higher than I originally thought the day I walked into the model. I happily paid the difference to turn it into my dream home.

3. Principle of Expensive = Good: We have all heard, "You get what you pay for."

In marketing to the affluent, experts state that often sales will improve when you raise your price, not lower it. The law of perception is at work here. When someone sees a high ticket price, the perception is that there is more value.

Whether it's a designer dress or a luxury car, we tend to view them as better because of the higher ticket price. The principle of contrast can play a factor here as well.

Take two diamonds for example. They can be the same size, same clarity--but if one is priced higher than another, statistics will prove the higher priced diamond implies higher quality.

How can you begin to utilize these Principles of Influence in your life and business?

These principles are at work in our business, whether we know it or not. They can work for us or against us.
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