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Use Ebooks And EBay Give Your Marketing A Double Boost

Feb 27, 2008
Ebooks and eBay are a great combination. Ebooks are a perfect product for eBay with no inventory, no carrying costs, no shipping and they never run out. EBay is the perfect venue for ebook sales. It is the largest online marketplace in the world. It is the site with the largest collection of buyers with credit cards in hand desperately looking for something to buy. What better environment could there be for selling ebooks?

The best part of the whole system is, if you do it right, you can boost your sales in twin fashion. Let me explain. Generally ebooks, with few exceptions, sell at the auction site for somewhere between a penny and ten dollars. More are closer to the penny price than to the ten dollar price. To be perfectly honest, it is hard to make a profit when selling items at very low prices. The fees from eBay will eat up your profits on the front end, and your fees from PayPal will get whatever profits are left over on the back end. That doesn't leave you with much to show for your efforts, unless you properly utilize a sound ebook follow up strategy.

Successful ebook sellers do not make money on the small sales of ebooks through their auctions. They make money from follow up sales through their store where they have more profitable books listed. You try and entice your customer who just bought your 99 cent ebook to go back to your store and buy a ten dollar book. Now you have turned a 99 cent sale into a 10.99 sale.

There are a number of ways to drive that customer back to your store. First you always have links to your store in your listing. A buyer that is not interested in the item for auction, may look at your store for other items.

Another way is to induce your winner to go to your store by offering an incentive such as a two for one sale on any book he buys from your store in the next 24 hours. But getting them back to your store isn't the only strategy. You can double the effectiveness of your ebook sale on eBay by sending them to your off eBay website where you still have more higher margin books.

The easiest way to do that is to create an off eBay download page where your winning bidder goes to get his item. From there, you can get their email address and market to them with an email campaign or you can offer them a one time offer of bundled ebooks or both.

Creating additional sales on top of the first small sale is how the successful ebook sellers make substantial profits. By targeting your customer to visit your store and your website you are creating a double advantage through one small sale.
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