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Feb 27, 2008
Lets start with the failure rate. Who actually knows the exact number of failures. I sure dont, my downline is more like 90% success. So where do they get this number of 95% fail. The best I can come up with is the inclusion of MLM like AVON, Epicure, and all those other parties and No Friend Marketing things they got going out there including the $1 and $5 programs, you couldnt pay someones monthly drinking habit with those, make me laugh people belive they will make millions when they join. Anyways, when it comes to doing business online, you cannot fail. There are just too many customers. If youre involved with someone who will not tell how to advertise, then you may give up before you succeed, but you cannot actually fail. Failing means that you tried something and it didnt work. So what determines if it didnt work, if you put out free ads and then get traffic to your site, dont you think the free ads worked? Maybe its your website thats the problem, you see. Thats why you need to try at least 100 different way of advertising before you give up.

Giving up doesnt mean anything, I give up all the time, but then 2 minutes later I come back and start all over with something else. Just like golfing or quilting, it gets frustrating and you want to quit. But, I now have it down to a simple 30 minutes every morning and 30 minutes every evening. Now thats productive. So what am I doing different that you? I dont know what your doing, but maybe the same things I did when I first started. I could generate 300 hits a day to my website easy, took about 4 hours of work. But I still wasnt making money. So I tweaked the website over and over. Still nothing, does this sound like your situation? I know many marketers cant imagine 300 hits a day let alone making money. You see, it all boils down to leading the horse to water, and thats all I was doing. Now the website should get the person interested, if not, maybe 2 months from now they will see it again and sign up. That alone is one of the biggest keys to online marketing, never give up, because consistancy is key. Once people see it over and over again, eventually they will click, just to see, maybe not buy. You see curiosity killed the cat, and thats what you need to work on. Get people curious, then they will try to find the info, now the next part is a secret so I wont get into it too much.

If you start an online business, make sure you are starting one with "go big or go home" in mind. Because if you dont, and you play around like its a hobby, you will be buried by those who are willing to throw money into it without a second thought. Now these people might not have any more money than you, but they know, the average millionaire has declared bankruptcy 2 times. Get it, unless your credit card is maxed out and you have phoned everyone and tried everything you can imagine, from copying emails and ads to spending $3000 in one month of google adwords. Then you need to go do it. If you treat this like a hobby you will most likely give up before seeing a single sale. If you act like you are jumping off a cliff without a parachute and think you will invent one on the way down, then you just may have the mind set it takes to succeed online.

So ask the person you are looking to buy from many questions before you buy. If they help you and say this and that, you can bet they dont make any money. You always know the successful ones, because they seem to have a quiet confidence, something that cannot be taught. So the truth is that if someone is getting someone else to tag team you on the phone, they probably just started, even though they say " I am projected to make $30,000 this month." Everyone who makes money online will never talk about money or three way call you, unless you ask of course. So be weary of those who say " Youre going to be rich, you just have to sell 4 people, and then they sell 4 people, you will have $1,000,000" Think about this, 95% give up, which means you have to sell 100 people to have 4 others sell 4. So why dont you just try to sell 100 people and stop trying to get the residual incomes and the over-rides. They are a bonus, but to keep this to a reasonable length, just swing for the fences, and if you miss the ball, swing again and again until you do it. I dont want to hear FAIL unless you tried at least 100 things.
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