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The Importance of Tracking Your Conversion Rates

Feb 27, 2008
When you set up a website, landing page or squeeze page, you have a certain goal in mind for it a specific action that you wish for your visitors to take. The most obvious action is to make a purchase. There are others too though. You may want them only to sign up to your mailing list. You may want them to click through to another webpage designed to close the sale. Regardless of the action that you desire, you need to know what's going on with your visitors. Are they in fact performing the desired actions?

Designing a website, populating it with fresh, relevant content and driving traffic to it is a quite an undertaking. If you manage to get a million visitors to your site, but not one of them performs the desired action, then it is all in vain. You need to track your conversion statistics.

Here are some helpful tips for increasing your conversion rates:

- Firstly, clearly define what your desired action for your visitors is. Do you want them to purchase, sign-up or redirect?

- The majority of web hosts today offer tracking software for your site. Pay attention to the statistics provided. Review them daily. If your host doesnt offer this service, get a different host immediately.

- Most likely, you are not receiving a 100% conversion rate. You need to experiment with your site. Small changes can yield big differences in conversion rates. Try the following:

- Pay close attention to your page titles and sub-headings. These are what people read first. They have the great power to attract or repel instantaneously. Test small changes for a few weeks at a time. If conversion stats increase, great! If they decrease change them back or try other small changes.

- Add pictures and videos to your pages. Content is king, but visual stimulation is fun! Make your site pleasurable, not boring and dry.

- Keep it professional. Whatever is on a given page needs to represent integrity and well-composed professionalism. People will not surrender their cash to what they perceive as an amateur attempt to sell them. There are hundreds of millions of websites that they could be visiting instead of yours. Remember that.

By learning to pay close attention to your conversion rates and other visitor statistics, you gain control over the success of your online endeavors. Focus. Hone in. Target your visitors and force them to perform the action or actions that you desire. That is the name of the game! You do not simply want to drive traffic to your site. That costs you money and effort. You want to drive presold, targeted traffic to your site to perform specific predetermined actions. That creates money for you!
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