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Make Money Online As A Freelance Writer

Feb 27, 2008
Are you good at words? If so, you can make a career of it and make money online as a freelance writer. There are so many good opportunities out there. Take advantage of them today.

If you like to write and you are a self-starter, you can make money online as a freelance writer. The Internet is a great way to have a home based business that you can use to supplement your existing income or to replace your nine-to-five rat race and work entirely from your own home office. The money is not outstanding to begin with, but if you are willing to turn in solid articles, web copy and blogs on a strict deadline, you will find the income very satisfactory. As your reputation grows, so will the price you receive per post or per article. Here is information about some of the most common types of freelance writing.


Many, if not most of today's blogs are written by paid professional writers who complete projects consisting of dozens of posting. Sometimes, one writer becomes more than one blog personality. There are blogs that are more like online journals. Other blog postings are created to spotlight products, services or websites. If this sounds like your style of writing, check out the freelance sites where there are projects asking for 'Blog Posters'. Posters working under contract receive anywhere from 50 cents to $4 per post. You can make money online by posting.

Directory Articles

There are several web sites where you can submit articles that you have prepared along with identifying information that bring your writing and research talents to the eye of buyers. Those who wish to buy your article contact you directly and pay for the use of it. The benefits for such articles are that you can choose the topics that interest you and share information with those who read your work. Thousands of topics have been discussed in directory articles, but the market and topics are constantly expanding so you can make money online.

Web Content

Hundreds and thousands of web sites exist that were set up with the philosophy of expanding the owner's web presence by capturing the attention of the search engines. A good way to increase your visibility on the web is by including keyword rich content articles on your website. If owners don't have the time or expertise to write such articles, he can pay to have articles written. Service buyers post projects on the freelancer sites so that service buyers know about projects. They are a great way to make money online, especially as you become more experienced. You can complete articles more quickly and tackle more expensive work so your price per article increases.

Website pages

In addition to the informational content pages that are placed on the websites of businesses and individuals, the textual material itself must be prepared for each and every website. This type of written materials is much more precise than web content pages. The search engine crawlers are looking for specific keywords, as well as where links came from and where they are going to. Website page writing often pays better than some of the other writing types and this is an excellent way to make money online.
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