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Web Design And John Q. Public

Feb 28, 2008
When using web builder technology to develop your website it is important to know that the advancement of the site is based on the intuitive choices available that can help you expand the primary areas you select for your website.

Most sites have from one to five separate primary areas that branch from the home page. These areas deal with the key functions of the business. They can include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Us, and the Store.

This area can also include an Articles section for the display of knowledge-based content that is clearly linked to the primary purpose of your website. This can include general knowledge articles along with how-tos or planning tips.

There are two primary uses for knowledge-based content. The first is as a benefit to prospective customers in order to enhance their user experience. The second function is to reach out to search engines with enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

You can do an effective job of improving search engine rankings by using keywords or phrases throughout the body of your website. In other words you will want to infuse every page of your web design with the same keywords or phrases.

The simple rule for SEO is to use the same selected words throughout roughly 3% of your entire text. The more effective you are in this regard the better your site rankings.

Once you develop the springboard of the homepage to the primary directories you will need to decide the branches that will come from each of those pages. For instance if you have three primary categories of products you would have three sub directories linked to the "Store" section of your website. Within those pages you will include individual pages for the products you are making available within their primary category.

Many business owners may avoid the use of web builder technology simply because they either feel it is somehow inferior to a site designed by an individual or they feel as if they would be incapable of managing the development of a site on their own.

In the case of being inferior the majority of those presently using web builder site development software feel that the end result of the sites they have built far exceed their expectations and carries a price that has helped them reduce overall costs resulting in an earlier improvement to their bottom line.

In the case of not feeling capable you only need to look to a social media site to have some idea of the ease with which you can develop a site through web builder software.

The process for creating and developing a site using this technology is generally accomplished through a step-by-step guide that involves answering questions and selecting a template. Virtually all aspects of the site can be edited and redirected to fit your specific needs.

Perhaps the greatest part of developing your own website is that you have the ability to make changes when you need them made. One of the concerns many online businesses mention when talking about a traditional web designer is that it can be difficult to enact changes if the web designer is behind on other projects.

In most businesses you will want the flexibility of being able to make changes WHEN you want those changes made. Web builder technology makes it happen.
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