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How To Find Thrift Store Items That Sell On Ebay

Feb 28, 2008
Thrift stores are filled with the unwanted clutter from thousands of homes in your area. And in those thrift stores are hundreds of items that may be junk to one person but worth a lot of money to someone else. Literally, one persons trash is another persons treasure. This is why using thrift stores in your area is such a great way to sell on eBay. They are everywhere, filled with lots of in demand name brands and have very reasonable prices with no minimum orders.

Most of what you are going to find in your thrift store will be worthless to sell on eBay. Most are brand names like the ones found in large chain stores like Union Bay, Faded Glory and No Boundaries plus hundreds of other brands. The key is to know what sells. Other names like designer and sought after brands like North Face and some Ralph Lauren items have a willing market waiting out there on eBay. These manufacturers spent millions building up a following and loyalty to their brand names.

Brand names have a certain status symbol, better quality and functionality of lesser brands. People want these brands but also want a bargain. They look on eBay to find those bargains. They also want vintage clothing and harder to find names and styles. This is the market that you are after, but first you must know what it is they want and are looking for.

This is the key to selling on eBay, knowing what names people are looking for.

Thrift stores are filled with thousands and thousands of pieces of clothing. Only a small percentage will be worth buying to sell, but they ARE out there. You just have to hunt them out. And the way to know what to hunt for is by being well prepared by first studying what people want. This takes some time but is worth it or you will just waste your time and money by buying stuff nobody wants. That isn't any fun. What is fun is when you find an item you KNOW will sell on eBay. This is because you know the market and have done your research.

The only way to know what to look for to buy for eBay is to find out what is selling on eBay and that is done by looking at auctions that have closed on eBay. Study different categories so you have more areas in the thrift store to look through that you already are familiar with. Keep all of your study of these closed auctions in a large notebook. As you add more and more searches to your study and notebook, you will start to get a feel of what people are looking for and what is in demand. You also have to go to your local thrift store and write down all the names that you are unfamiliar with. These you will research when you get home.

The great thing about eBay is that it is an auction and the sky's the limit on some items. Some will do beyond your wildest expectation and others will disappoint you. Some items will bring huge profits. Certain vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters can sell for $800 or $900! The possibility to sell an item for 10, 25 and even 50 times what you pay for it. Those are proft margins which will get you excited.
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Tom Graber is the author of Thrift Store Profits, a book about how to sell thrift store clothing and other items on eBay. You can get a free report on which name brands that sell like crazy on eBay.His website is http://www.thriftstoreprofits.com/.
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