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Yes, I Want Your Money

Feb 28, 2008
Want to know a funny way to persuade your website visitor or prospect into giving you a lot of money? And something that really works? Something you can use today?

Here's a few clues...

* The internet is in desperate need of it because it's so impersonal and buyers are becoming more and more skeptical.
* It's a psychological trigger or mind motivator used in a famous Joseph Sugarman ad for Magic Stat.
* It's easy to do.

Here's your answer:

Tell the truth about things you wouldn't normally tell the truth about.

* Tell why you're selling what you're selling
* Explain why the deal is the way it is.
* (To sum it up) Expose your true motivation.


Yes, I Want Your Money

That's why the headline of this post is the way it is. I really do want your money. I want you to join my opt-in e-mail list and at some point pull out your credit card and give me money. That's the entire reason behind my website.

For no other reason but: I want to rip the money out of your wallet.

That doesn't mean I don't want to give you value in return...

Take a look at http://JohnChow.com. His title to his website reads, "I Make Money Online By Telling People How Much Money I Make Online." And the guy has nearly 16,000 subscribers to his RSS feed, a ton of regular visitors, and a bum load of regular commenters.

What if you got this vibe when you went to http://JohnChow.com?: ..."I'm Not Here to Make Money Off You, I'm Here to Tell You Secrets to Making Money Online Because I'm a Nice Guy."

Think about it... You'd be thinking "horse crud... Like everyone who has a website, this guy wants money. What a crock."

That's just it. When you're not up front and honest, you seem like a bigger crock than Davy Crocket.

Telling the Truth About Your Motivations...

* Earns your trust on an internet that isn't even close to trustworthy.
* Is a really powerful tool for making money online.

"Each time you are honest and conduct yourself with honesty, a success force will drive you toward greater success. Each time you lie, even with a little white lie, there are strong forces pushing you toward failure." -- Joseph Sugarman

Why Does this Really Work?

Okay, here's why.

Every day we're bombarded with sales messages from television, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, okay you get it. We're so bombarded by marketing that it's like we're back in grade school getting kickballs heaved at our heads.

Ask yourself, "How many times have I listened to a sales message and thought that the person speaking or the company was truly authentic? Truly an honest person?"

The answer is never.We never think of businesspeople as authentic. They're liars in our eyes. A little bit of honest and truth goes a long way in influencing prospects to give you money.

Don't Go to Jail For Murder

As soon as someone spots a lie on your website, you might as well go to jail for murdering your sale. Because he just left.As Joe Sugarman says, even a little white lie will propel you toward failure (while truth will heist you up on victory's shoulders).This means you have to start using tricks and gimmicks you know aren't true.Let's take the popular method of putting a timer on your sales letter saying, "This deal ends in exactly __:__."

What happens when the prospect returns to your website later to buy and discovers that the same deal is running? Do you think that he will still trust that your product is good?

There's other ways to cause a sense of urgency to arise in your reader than lie. For instance, if you're selling grass seed or something, you could say, "Order now and get a greener lawn before the Summer's up." Or for a make money online product, "Order now because when too many others catch on, you'll have already missed the opportunity that might have 1) given you more time with your family, 2) fulfilled your dream of owning your own business and setting your own hours, and 3) allowed you to go on vacation 4 times a year."

No one trusts a liar.

Dr. Cialdini is Like the Houdini of Marketing

Social psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini talks about the same thing. When trying to influence someone to say yes to whatever you ask, when you're trying to influence them...

Tell them a negative truth about your request up front. For instance, "It can be technically hard to learn HTML at first"... "When you first start playing guitar, your fingers hurt, you get frustrated, and you want to give up"... They'll be likely to trust you more and say yes to your request.
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