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Feb 28, 2008
Are you aware of how much money you are losing if you sell digital products on the internet. Digital piracy is becoming an ever increasing problem for anyone who delivers digital products of any kind including PDF files, software, ebooks, video's, software and so on. As the internet grows so does illegal access to protected content. Don't you think It's time you start protecting your digital assets?

As amazing as this might seem over half of internet user feel that it OK to share protected content. Due to the internet being the information highway most user don't even realize how big a problem digital piracy has become. The problem has now grown into a multi billion dollar a year industry.

You are probably thinking to yourself that the majority of loss is with large companies like Microsoft or the record industry and to a certain extent you are correct. But, by not protecting digital assets internet marketers, writers, and software developers are taking a big hit and it is costing most more than they realize.

If you sell digital products than you know that most shopping carts have built in protection systems but what is protecting your files after that? What about the percentage of sales that you end up refunding? I can't count how many times someone has purchased an ebook from me, downloaded the file, and then asked for a refund just minutes later. There was no possible way that they could have read my book that fast. Wouldn't you consider that to be digital piracy? If I would have had digital download protection software I could have repossessed my files.

Look at the financial side of digital piracy. Just for sake of example lets estimate your software sales at 150 per month on a product that sells for $45. That would be a total of $6,750 per month. If your average refunds are 10% of your purchases than you lost $675 or $8,100 over the course of a year. That is a lot of money to me but piracy doesn't stop there. Many of your files are probably being shared on forums or with your buyers friends and family. Some may even be sold illegally.

The whole thought of losing that much money is probably making you sick to your stomach. Well don't fret because there are now products which can completely stop all types of piracy. There are not very many but there are some out there. When you want to stop losing money there are some things you will want to look for when analyzing available digital download protection products.

Look for a feature rich product which has the ability to lock your files, disable them, and repossess them. I would definitely purchase a product that offered unlimited file protection. To prevent sharing look for products that track usage. Products that allow you to set Expiration dates and trial periods can really pay off for you.

The sooner you start protecting your digital products the sooner your income will start to grow. You will start to see more sales, less refunds, and more money in the bank! Wouldn't it be absolutely priceless to see the look on the face of one of your customers who refunded their product and then tried to use it.
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