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Free Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Feb 28, 2008
First off, it's no secret that no matter what business you run, online or offline, if you don't have a steady stream of targeted traffic, you will not make it! But how do you get those streams of targeted traffic? Well there are plenty of ways to do it. If you don't have a huge advertising budget then you can do most of the work yourself, as far as, article submissions, blogging, classified ads, forum marketing etc.

A word of warning, don't waste your time on things like, FFA links, guarenteed traffic, surf for hits etc. The old rule of thumb, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. If all it woould take is to sign up and get 100,000 visitors to your site, and you convert an average of 1-2%, then why wouldn't every website owner be doing that. They don't because it rarely works like that. Usually the traffic is not targeted, they are redirected to your site through, pop up or pop under ads, redirects and things like that, they rarely work as I've said before, because the person has searched for somethng completely different and has no interest in what you have to offer.

For newbies the #1 recommendation is an ad swap. You search for a list owner in your catagory of marketing, then email him and tell him you will put his product or service ad in your autoresponder forever, if he will run your ad once or twice, depending on the size of his list. He'll be getting endless advertising, who wouldn't want that?

Forum marketing is a free and easy method to generate targeted traffic. Search for forms in your business catagory, sign up and start posting. Most forums will not let you put a blatant advertisement for a post, so be careful. What you want to do is answer a post or post a question that will cause a discussion. The neat thing is that you can add a signiture at the end of your post that you can link to your website or affiliate link. Make sure you are giving out useful information, once people start to recognize as an expert in the field, they will click through to your link. Important note: you must post everyday, or reply to a post everyday. Word spreads very fast through these forums, so make sure you onl post useful, relavent information.

The last one I will touch on is artcle marketing. This can be a bit stressful if you are new to online marketing but don't fret about it. Article marketing is a long term strategy that, once in motion will bring you unlimited amounts of free laser tegeted traffic. Article can be between 250-500 words in lenght. You've never written before? Well here's a simple trick that can have you writing 3 articles a day. Search articles in your field, then read them over and pick out 3 or 4 topics. Reword them, of course you can not write them word for word or you will get in trouble, so put your own style and touch on them. Believe or not, alot of expert writers use this technique very successfully.

There are many more ways to generate traffic, these are just a couple of the more successful ways to do it.
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