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Don't Get Caught Out With Your Job Search

Feb 28, 2008
Finding a Job does seem to be unnecessarily complicated. In the past it was simple. Companies or businesses that wanted employees would post a job advert in the local newspaper and individuals would apply for these jobs. Each application would be dealt with and the right employee would be found. It was very straightforward and the only cost that the business was the cost of the advertisement. Nowadays the recruitment process seems to have become slightly more complicated and in many cases more expensive for everyone involved.

Finding a job today can be very difficult. This is extremely bizarre bearing in mind the increased uses of the internet. The internet should make find a job much easier but whereas is many cases it does in some cases it doesn't. My experience with job hunting on the internet has been somewhat disappointing. The problem I faced was that I searched the web for a job and through a search engine run by a recruitment company I found my dream job. This was great and I was able to send my CV online. The major problem with this was that my CV did not go to the company that were advertising the job - it went to the agency.

The agency received my application and invited me to an initial meeting with them where I was forced to sign up with them. If I did not sign up they would not release the details of the job to me. This was the first real insight to the recruitment industry and I found it quite disconcerting. The problem was that they were not acting as an agent for me by trying to find me a job they were acting as an agent for the company that was looking for employees. I understand that this is of course how business should be run but the real problem I faced was that the recruitment agency and my employer had set up an agreement that was designed to benefit them and I soon found out how it would affect me.

The job I went for, and subsequently got, was listed as a temporary placement. However at the interview it was very clear that the employer was looking for a long term permanent employee. It transpired that the reason for this was that the cost of the recruitment process was less for the company if they had an employee on in a temporary capacity. I suspect that the cost of recruiting me would be decreased after I had made the recruitment company enough money. The way this worked was that the recruitment company took around forty percent of what the company paid and the employee received sixty percent.

After three months of moaning I eventually persuaded the company to take me on in a permanent role. It was extremely frustrating because the company wanted me to work for them but obviously did not want to be ripped off for the service of finding me. The upshot was that they saw having me in a temporary capacity as a way of saving money, however, from my perspective I was paying the finding fee for finding the job. A job that I had searched for and applied for myself!! Arrgh what a frustration!

Fortunately it is very easy for you to avoid these pitfalls. It was only that I was naive about the situation that meant I got caught out. Next time I will know better and not let it happen. So be aware when you are applying for a job.
About the Author
Shaun Parker has been involved in the Jobs industry for many years and is fully aware of the pitfalls you may face when you conduct a job search.
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