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How eBay Reviews Can Help Your Store

Feb 28, 2008
Traffic, traffic, traffic are the three most important things in maximizing your eBay sales. Those are also the hardest things to accomplish. Driving traffic to your auctions and your store takes a combination of all the tools available to you. One of those tools is the eBay review system.

There is a part of eBay known as Guides and Reviews. I wrote about guides in an earlier article so we are going to discuss reviews here. Reviews are similar to guides in terms of how they can help you drive traffic to your store. Reviews and guides are also similar to each other in how you set them up.

You go to the review and guides area of eBay and there will be links to click to start writing a review. If you already have written reviews, you can edit and find the status of those reviews from your My Ebay page. Over on the left side of the page listed among all the navigation links you will see a link for my reviews and guides. Click that and you will get to your edit page.

That's where the similarity ends between guides and reviews. With a guide, you can pretty much write about any subject you want as long as you write a basic how to manual about a specific subject. With reviews, it is a little different. First off, a review is as it's name implies a asked, not a guide. You must write a asked on a specific item.

There are only certain categories that you can write reviews for. Unfortunately information products, i.e. ebooks is not one of those categories. So how do you utilize reviews to promote your ebook business if you can't write reviews on ebooks?

Look at the categories you are allowed to write reviews on. One of them is books. Now, say you have a large collection of recipe ebooks or those that teach cooking. You can do a search on eBay for a cookbook. When you find one you want to review, click the asked link next to the description.

Write an honest review on the cookbook. In the review you can do a few things to reference your ebook store. You may indicate that you sell many cooking instruction ebooks at your store, slipping the URL to your store in there, and because of that you are considered an expert on cookbooks and that is why you are qualified to asked the cookbook.

Alternately, you may state at the end of the review, after you wrote your honest opinion, something like, if you enjoyed reading this asked of xyz cookbook, you may be interested in the dozens of cookbooks available at my digital store. Again, you put your store URL in the text so that the reader can click on it to get to your store.

I hope you get the idea now. You cannot do a asked on an ebook but you can do a asked on a related product and still reference back to your store. This is just one more tool in your traffic generating strategy. Make sure you utilize all the tools available when creating your marketing strategy.
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