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How To Get The Most From An Exhibition

Feb 28, 2008
Exhibition stand designers are a law unto themselves. While having a stock of standard display equipment, they also have to come up with completely innovative ideas for every client.

An exhibition or trade show is the ultimate place for a company to drum up new business. They can take their products out to the customers and with the help of exhibition stand designers, display these products to their full effect for maximum sales.

The right exhibition stand can draw potential customers in with designs that are eye catching but promote the product to be sold rather that draw attention away from it.

On the reverse, the wrong exhibition display stand, whether it be a shoddy throw-together or just badly designed by inept exhibition display designers will have a negative effect on sales. You may have the product from heaven but all businesses know that marketing is everything and the right impression has to be created to surround the product.

Trade shows are a veritable hotbed of competition for exhibition stand designers. Rivalry between companies exhibiting at these shows is rife and the heat is on for exhibition stand designers to come up with the goods. A display to create the right ambience and entice the customer is called for.

Many different products are marketed at exhibitions and trade shows and all call for a different approach from exhibition stand designers. Some people are purely there to distribute information, such as holiday exhibitions. Simple stand designs that allow easy manoeuvrability for the users and customers are essential. But for one company to shine above the others their display needs to have that edge.

Staying with the example of a holiday exhibition you would expect the stands to be bright, but picture a complicated layout with lots of bright colours filled with busy looking travel brochures? This would prove far too much of a headache to stand around in for too long and is unlikely to make your outlay for the stand position worthwhile.

Now picture the same exhibition with a simple yet tasteful exhibition stand that, as opposed to being cluttered, allowed for a comfortable seating area and maybe a place to stand your sangria. The customer's relaxation and comfort will give them plenty of time to consider what you have for sale. It will also provide a much needed rest as some of these shows can be very tiring while you are walking around all day looking for the ultimate bargain.

The last exhibition I personally attended was a diving exhibition. Jam packed with diving equipment and accessories, some stands were virtually impossible to negotiate and I soon learnt to steer clear of these ones. One stand selling wetsuits had a changing room that looked like it had been knocked up on the back of a market stall. Not the best selling point!

I was, however, drawn to the ones where I could clearly see what was being offered for sale, that had room to manoeuvre and where you could easily identify the staff.

If you are taking part in an exhibition, whether it be photography, diving, wedding, holiday or any other subject, take a look around and objectively look at what customers appear to be drawn to. If you don't wish to learn by the 'suck it and see' method, employ a reliable exhibition stand designer.
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Exhibition expert Catherine Harvey looks at the ability of exhibition stand designers to maximise sales. To find out more please visit http://www.connectionsexhibitions.co.uk/
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