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Boost Targeted Traffic For Your Online Business With A Good Linking Strategy

Feb 28, 2008
Traffic is of utmost importance for the success of your online business. Getting loads of untargeted or irrelevant traffic is not in any way going to help your online business. A good linking strategy is what you need to ensure that you get a stream of targeted traffic. It is better to generate 200 targeted traffic visitors a day rather than 2000 visitors who have little or no interest in your products and services.
The linking strategy detailed below will show you how to get about doing this.

1. You should endeavor to get as many one way inbound links as possible because Search Engines love them immensely. This will be possible if your website has unique, quality content. If you have such great content, other webmasters will be eager to link their websites to yours to provide their visitors a good experience. This will provide you with one-way links thus generating valuable traffic for your website.

2. One of the best ways of generating targeted traffic for your online business is to write quality authoritative articles on the theme of your website and submitting them to article directories and article distributors. You should of course have your website URL in the resource box. These articles will be grabbed by webmasters and published in their websites and ezines. This will soon have a viral effect, which in turn will generate a huge volume of traffic to your website through the link in the resource box.

3. Another useful strategy is to identify the sites that the search engines consider as Authority Sites in the same theme or niche as yours and endeavor to exchange links with these sites because these are sites that generate a huge amount of traffic. These sites often have more quality content and more pages than other sites and in most search engine results for high traffic keywords, they will appear within the first ten results. If you are successful in exchanging links you are assured of a substantial amount of targeted traffic from them.

4. Though there is much talk about Search Engines devaluing reciprocal links due to certain unethical practices indulged in, by certain webmasters, search engines do appreciate quality theme related reciprocal links. Acquiring such reciprocal links will generate targeted traffic to your site.

5. As a new online entrepreneur your anxiety to generate traffic can lead you into pitfalls knowingly or unknowingly. Wrong linking strategies can get your website penalized or even banned by Google and other major search engines. Keep away from Link Farms and Bad Neighborhoods. Link farms are pages in websites that contain more than one hundred assorted links in a page and Bad Neighborhoods are websites that are banned by the search engines or have a bad reputation.

6. Wherever possible ensure that you have anchor texts in your inbound links. These anchor texts give the search engines a good indication of the theme of your website or web page. By having your keywords in the texts the rankings for these keywords will get a boost which in turn will enable you to get targeted traffic. It will be wise to vary the keyword in the anchor text, since too many of same anchor texts can make your links appear like spam to the search engines.


Act with caution and act wisely. Don't tread into areas where even Angels fear to tread and get penalized. A gradual and progressive increase of quality, relevant incoming links, will indicate to the search engines, that you are hard at work building a genuine good linking strategy. This will automatically boost the flow of targeted traffic for your online business.
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