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horizon asset management - managing your future

Feb 28, 2008
The definition of an asset includes any physical item that is purchased with the intent of deriving some kind of value from it at some point in the future. There are numerous kinds of assets, including real estate, pieces of art, stock shares, government bonds, and bank deposits. Wealthy people cannot take the time required to closely monitor each and every one of their assets, so they often consult outsiders to help them this job. Horizon Asset Management provides this service for many people.

The main goals of asset management are making your money grow faster than inflation and ensuring that you have the funds that you require at specific points in the future. Fulfilling these goals means tailoring your strategy so that you can fulfill all of your commitments. Horizon Asset Management can help you meet your goals in the short and the long term.

With horizon asset management, one team looks after real estate assets while another team looks after financial assets. Some of the best advisors in these fields are on these teams. These advisors have served numerous clients, collectively managing billions of dollars in assets. You won’t find such expertise any where else in the asset management industry.

Horizon asset management evaluates your assets against risks by applying what is called the "Modern Portfolio Theory" for pure finance while risk-adjusted performance managements are handled through "Capital Asset Pricing Model " for investment properties. By using these two methods, any future value of your assets is studied in view of any future risks.

Obviously, using their asset management services can cost a considerable amount. However, if you compare your potential annual growth too the amount you will pay, it is obvious that you stand to gain. You get what you pay for. If you want premium service and advice, you have to pay for it.

Customers can also receive specialized portfolios from Horizon asset management. Years of research have been spent perfecting the contents of these portfolios; although, some tinkering with the details is available if necessary. The portfolio’s returns can be guaranteed by the company because of their confidence in their research.

In the world of finance, an asset is something you purchase today hoping to sell at a higher price in the future. Stock shares, debentures, bonds, bank deposits, promissory notes, real estate, art, antiques, and collectibles are all assets. Wealthy people are busy making money. They hire outsiders to manage their money. One expert service provider is horizon asset management. They have some of the best teams of advisors looking after financial assets. Teams work separately to provide asset management services that have satisfied numerous clients and provided literally billions of dollars of assets management with unsurpassed excellence. They will evaluate your assets against risk by applying "Modern Portfolio Theory".
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