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stop being a victim of the internet scammers!

Feb 28, 2008
The Internet is largely unregulated. Sure there are some rules that are being enforced, when possible, and there have been a few programs shut down and their owners prosecuted, but only after many thousands of people lost millions of dollars.

But under the very best of cases, the concerned authorities hold all the money and then the lawyers take over and begin to unravel everything. That could take a long time, possible years, and if you are one of the victims who lost their money, then, do not count on seeing your money ever.

Why? Due to the fact that the lawyers are paid from the revenue that poured into the scheme. After all, lawyers are not volunteers and their fees have to be paid somehow. The more money coming in a scheme when it gets closed, the more difficult the mess is and the longer it takes to get everything settled. The result is obvious, the lawyers get their fees and you get nothing.

But it gets even worse because many of the programs on the Internet operate beyond the reach of the authorities. What happens when someone in Belize or Panama or Nigeria gets your money? What chance do you have of getting your money back then? Zero chance.

What I am saying here? It is that the web is a lot like a wide city without police control. How about that! Any huge city without police control and what would likely happen? The crooks would rule!

In the same manner, that is what has happened on the web! While you do not have to worry about getting mugged at gunpoint on the internet, in many ways it is worse. The crook who holds a gun at you takes your money and money can be compensated but what the criminal who assures you that you can be rich by sending your cash to him is in reality stealing your money, your time and sometimes your hopes and your future.

Can you substitute even one day of the weeks and months and years they have taken from you? Of course no. How can you put a price on that? And how can you put a price on all the hopes and expectations of millions of people who have given up because every time they trusted someone they got cheated? You can not. All you can do is protect yourself, cut your losses and go ahead.

How can you prevent others from cheating you? How can you stop being a loser? The ONLY way is to learn their ways! You have to learn what they do and why it succeeds so well to cheat so many people. Until you do, you will continue to lose more and more money, you will be deeper and deeper into debt, you will waste weeks and months, years of your life, and you will continue to see your hopes and your goals fade from view.

Hence, commence to educate yourself how you can protect yourself! But before you do that, assure yourself that you will put an end to being a loser.
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