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The Art of Business Networking in a New Age

Aug 17, 2007
Business networking is a decade old concept of doing business, which has grown immensely. With the advent of internet, business networking has gone from strength to strength and has generated millions of dollars in business. Although business networking is individual based and marketing oriented, it has brought to the fore many a product that eluded the reach of many people.

These business networks have a business model that is also known as multi level marketing. The business model follows the system of appointing individual distributors that work with the company by selling the products as well as appointing other distributors under them. Basically the earning of the individual is partly from margins generated by sale of goods and a percentage of sales achieved by the distributors they appoint. A business network individual grows by appointing distributors under him and motivating them to appoint more under them. The level of earning under each network depends upon the network statistics and percentages as laid down by the parent company.

Many innovative business networking schemes keep cropping up anew day after day and one need not be surprised if an invitation comes your way. They are easy to run and easy to sell. This is so, because these business networks target the people near and around a business person, like relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. When a good business networking opportunity comes across, it becomes keeping in touch and earning money all the more fun.

These business networking schemes also help increase your circle of friends and acquaintances and help to increase one's social influence and business presence that may be unrelated to the network business itself.

The best way to go about taking up a business networking proposition is to select the bets available sponsor. The sponsor should be able to guide a new independent distributor in the initial stages of business and help learn the finer nuances. He or she should be able to act as a friend, philosopher and guide. Taking the business slow at the beginning would be good, so that a new distributor can break teeth into it. Most business networking programs offer excellent and peerless training sessions that change your outlook towards life forever.

No question about it; you provide one of the most valuable services imaginable. However, without an ongoing and ever-increasing number of new, quality prospects, you'll eventually run out of people with whom to share the benefits. You might even end up asking yourself that most dreaded of questions in the world of sales, which is, "Who do I talk to next, now that my original list of names has run out?" That thought can be downright discouraging, can't it? Then again, it need not happen.
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