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Aug 17, 2007
Not many people feel comfortable with fulltime jobs for many personal reasons. They may have to pick up kids from school, prepare lunch for them, and baby-sit too. They may work mornings at office and rush to pick up their kids in the afternoons. Such an arrangement can be quite stressful. People like them are quite open to work at home options.

Work at home options can be broadly classified into telecommuting and home based business.

In telecommuting, you enter into an arrangement with your employer to work from home. Depending on the workload, you could work either part time or even full time. Your work at home options arrangement can consist of working half day at office and the other half at home. This arrangement is suitable for mothers, who need to tend to their kids. Some people prefer attending their office on alternate days bringing at home work for the next day. How you want to be paid - on weekly or hourly basis - can be worked out between you and your employer.

However, not many work at home options relating to telecommuting are available. The reason could be distrust on the part of the employers, who feel that their employees might not work as efficiently. There seems to be no reason to feel that way, if the telecommuting employee finishes the assigned job within the stipulated time. Somehow, physical presence of the employee provides solace to the employers. For the sake of argument it can be said that the employees might take it easy when the boss is not in office. For that matter, who is going to make sure that the employees present in the office are working to their full potential, and not whiling away their time in front of the computer screen trying to look busy?

Home-based Business
You could find any number of home-based business opportunities on the Internet. How good are these work at home options can never be said with any degree of authenticity. A majority of these websites offering home-based business opportunities are not to be trusted for these are run by unscrupulous elements. Anyone attempting to start a home-based business needs to exercise due caution.

There are two options available to you as a businessperson - (i) to sell products, or (ii) to sell services. If you are interested in selling your services, evaluate yourself and see what your skill sets are, and whether they are marketable. There is no point in offering a service that no one is interested in. It will help to conduct a survey of the market to find out the acceptability level of your services. You may also determine the value of your services. It is worth undergoing all the trouble only if your services command a certain acceptable price.

Within these two basic classifications of work at home options, you could find many more options to suit your style and skill sets.
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