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3 Tickets to Internet Riches With Articles, Press Releases & MySpace

Feb 29, 2008
So, you want to be an Internet millionaire, huh? If so, then you need an effective marketing strategy. It doesn't matter what you are selling. There are consumer groups for all products and services online. What is important is developing a clear understanding of how to market and who to market to. If your marketing is ineffective, it won't matter who is exposed to it. If your marketing is effective, but sent to the wrong consumers, you may as well have never created it.

Here are three very effective (and inexpensive) methods for driving hot, targeted leads to your landing pages, squeeze pages and/or websites. Each can provide you with a continuous flow of traffic that is pre-sold and ready to allot you some of their hard-earned cash:

-Article writing & submission:

o Costs only time and thought

o Brands you or your product

o Establishes your expertise in a given niche

o Attracts potential consumers that already have an interest in what you are promoting

o Is very search engine friendly

Article marketing is taking off as one of the leading free traffic generation methods on thei internet today. You don't have to be an expert writer to do it. Take what you know and write it down in friendly, readable terms. Act like you're talking to a close friend. Then submit the articles you write to free submission sites and watch the traffic begin to flow. Those who visit your sites will be pre-sold and ready to purchase!

-Press Releases

o Go out to masses of journalists

o Provide relevant information for consumers via trusted mediums

o Are not perceived as advertisements by consumers

o Are unbounded in reach

You can learn how to write your own PR's or hire a writer to do so for you. Either way, submitting press releases to submission sites cannot be overlooked as an important element of your overall marketing strategy. All successful businesses both online and off utilize the powerful force of press releases as integral components of their marketing schemes.


o Gets tens of millions of hits every day - #1 on the planet!

o Has over 204 million registered profiles

o Gets highly-qualified prospects to your pages through principals of attraction marketing

o Adds thousands of new, opportunity-starved prospects every single day

You need to create more than a single user profile to maximize your MySpace reach. Vary them. One profile may not gain the attention of a given prospect while another one may do so well. MySpace is a literal playground for Internet Marketers. It is free and can gain you unlimited sales.

You need to utilize all three of these methods regularly in order to maximize their value to you. Be consistent and don't expect overnight miracles. With a little time and diligence, you will see an excellent increase in motivated, honed traffic. Articles, Press Releases & My Space!
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Demetrios Tzortzis has coached and mentored countless individuals in online marketing and is unlocking the potential for success without the initial "beginners" slump.
Demetrios Tzortzis
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