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MySpace Marketing Use The #1 Site on the Planet to Market Yourself

Feb 29, 2008
MySpace is the most-visited website on the planet. Number One! That is not something to take lightly especially if you consider yourself an Internet marketer. Even if you are new to IM and just work on it here and there, you need to become familiar with the awesome potential of this beast to deliver you into the Kingdom of Riches!

However, as you might expect, where there are millions of visitors daily, there are a lot of failed marketing attempts. Here are some HOT tips for you to employ in order to maximize your MySpace marketing success:

Tip #1: Create multiple profiles.

-Do not simply create one, singular MySpace profile and then expect miracles. MySpace works through Attraction Marketing; that means that you need to make people like you. Creating multiple user profiles increases your odds of being liked.

Tip #2: Do not violate the MySpace user policies.

-In a nutshell: Don't SPAM! Spamming will get your profile(s) deleted. Deleted profiles do not generate cash.

Tip #3: Sell yourself, not your product(s).

-If you want to excel at MySpace advertising, then you have to make as many of those 200 million+ others users like you. When they become your MySpace friends, then your marketing attempts are not spam. Do not try to sell them products or services on your profile pages; just make them like you.

Tip #4: Keep your profile pages professional.

-Make them fun. Make them cool. Just keep them professional. Remember that the reason that you are on the site is to earn CASH! Do get wrapped up in the MySpace realm and forget that you are not there to really make cyber-friends. You are a businessperson an Internet marketer. Keep your pages real and keep them professional.

Tip #5: Create blogs and videos about yourself.

-Remember that you are at MySpace to generate leads and sales. You need for the masses of people there to like you to want to be your "friend". Show them yourself. Tell them about yourself. Once they get to know and trust you, you will have an easy time converting them into paying consumers. That's the goal!

MySpace can make you loads of cash. It's true! Just remember the rules of marketing first as you engage the site. There are a lot of interesting people there. It is easy to get distracted. You have to have a good plan and stick to it. Otherwise, you might find yourself making a lot of friends that you'll never really meet and making no money.
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