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When Is a Network Marketing Opportunity the Wrong Choice?

Feb 29, 2008
Network marketing is a very popular way to start a home business. You get to represent great products that you really enjoy, and build up a nice income. You can even help people you know get started themselves.

But for a lot of people it's the wrong choice... at least until they've really thought about why they want to join the opportunity.

1. You think it's an easy road to riches.

Just as with any other business, more people fail in network marketing than succeed. Those who succeed work hard on their business and take it seriously.

It also takes time. Those who are really good at it can build up a fair income within a year, but most take longer.

2. You think the only way to build a downline is to pester everyone you know.

That's the old way to build a downline. There are all kinds of options that don't involve alienating those you care about.

3. You're considering options only on what you think will bring in the most money.

Money's great, but your enthusiasm for the product is what will help you to make sales. Also, if you choose a product line you feel awkward or uncomfortable selling, you won't impress potential customers.

There's a big reason that people talk about passion in the network marketing industry. Passion is what helps to drive you when things are tough. It's what impresses your customers with the quality of your products.

Some people can cope with just their passion to earn money, but it's much better to be passionate about the product as well.

4. You don't want to sell or market.

Some opportunities trumpet the lack of needing to sell their products. But what you still have to do is market them, which is really an aspect of selling. There are many ways you can promote your business, from the standbys of handing out business cards, carrying samples and telling everyone you meet about your business, to online marketing through websites.

The great part about network marketing opportunities today is that you can promote some of them 100% online. If the home party scene really isn't your thing, you can try an opportunity that lets you develop your own website to get sales and build your downline.

5. You've hopped from opportunity to opportunity.

Many people spend so much time hoping for success in network marketing that they don't give the opportunities they join the time to work out. If they don't get instant success, off they go to the next opportunity!

If you're still in that frame of mind that the next opportunity will be the big one, it's time to slow down and review your expectations. You can't assume that you will have instant success, or even success in 6 months. Giving up one opportunity and joining another means you keep having to start over. It's not a way to succeed.

Being in the right frame of mind is one of the key steps to succeeding in direct sales. Expectations that are too high, fear of committing to an opportunity and other problems can make it harder for you to build a solid business.
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