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Additional Tips For Making More Money With Adsense

Feb 29, 2008
Would you like to make money from you website pages that are currently not earning any income? Well if you would Google AdSense may be just the answer.

It's very easy to start making profits from your website using AdSense.

1. Sign up for an AdSense account.

2. Once the site is accepted you can grab the AdSense code and place it straight into your web pages. Once this has been done the AdSense ads will start appearing immediately.

3. Depending on your sites content you may earn a few cents per click or even over a dollar per click. This all depends on the keywords and how popular they are with advertisers.

4. View your statistics at Google AdSense for income information.

Now for the million dollar question! How do you start to increase your Google AdSense income substantially?

Here are some basic steps to get you going.

1. Choose your highest traffic content pages that are currently not earning you any income and placed the AdSense ads on all of these.

2. Place your ads within the content rather than in the sidebars or in or near the top header. Statistics have shown that people are much more likely to click ads within content rather than any other position on a web page.

3. Make the links in the ads the same color as the links on your web page. In general you are trying to make the links blend in with the page rather than saying "I am an ad" People click more links that they think are going to a page within the site rather than and advertisement.

4. Once again to make the ad blend in more it is best to not put a border around your ads especially when placing an ad within content.

5. Most people get very good results for using the larger rectangle type ad within their content so be sure to try this.

5. Test, test and test again. Most people fail because they don't do enough testing therefore test different size ads on all your pages.

6. If you want to get the best statistics from your Google AdSense revenue, where it is working and where it isn't I highly recommend "Super Site Tracker" which you will find listed at the site below.

7. Ad more pages based on "long tail" keyword phrases. These tend to be much easier to obtain good ranking with quickly and easily on the search engines.

8. After testing and obtaining success with one page, duplicate the process to all other pages and keep building good, worthwhile content for your web visitors.

As you can see this is certainly not rocket science however the fact remains that people start with Adsense and never seem to make the desired income. Why is this so?

You must have a plan to diligently grow your site with good content and obtain some good inbound links to your sites main page at the beginning of the process. Simply developing good content but having zero links to your site will achieve little traffic.

Another item that will bring success is having a website based on a single niche. Don't go to broad with your topic and fill up the site with just good content on your topic. And most of all keep it consistent.
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