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Feeling The Power Of Music Based Team Events

Feb 29, 2008
We've all had it happen to us, it's sad to say but sometimes no matter how interesting the conference is or how interested you are in the speaker you can feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier and then the fight to stay awake is truly on and to be honest the speaker could be a visiting alien from mars for all the sense they're making, nobody's listening and the conference is now less than effective. That's when you need music based team events.

You need to make sure your delegates wake up, pay attention and interact. We make sure they wake up and once they are awake they stay awake! Music based team events are a superb tool for raising the tempo and raising the roof! Ideal as a short burst of team energy or as a full team event, music can really motivate your conference delegates and ensure that your message is delivered in a powerful way.

There are three key times of the day when music based events work at their best, the firstly at the beginning of your conference, ideal for making sure that delegates pay attention straight from the start. Secondly after lunch or the grave yard hour, good lunches and warm conference rooms always equal sleepy delegates, you must make sure they don't have a nap! Lastly the penultimate slot at the end of your conference, just before the summary which ensures that your delegate walk out of the conference room on an absolute high, this slot will undoubtedly make a huge difference!

So are there any restrictions for music based events, anything that you really should consider? The only real restriction will be the type of musical activity that you choose, this is dependant on the venue you host your conference in and how sensitive they are to sound. It's crucial you ask them if they will allow the activity, it's courtesy to other venue users and if you are not sure of the impact it will have on others, ask your team building company, they will be able to talk you through it and there is a chance that they may have worked in the venue before.

Conference room layout is no problem, theatre style, cabaret style or even free style music based events are effective in any layouts. With events with an without instruments, the possibilities are endless here. This also means that they can accommodate for all types of sizes of groups from a small group of twelve right up to a whopping two thousand, can you imagine the power behind an event that size?

When you are planning to host music based events, it's always a good idea to speak to your team building company, give a feel fro your company objectives, the time slot and what budget you are working towards and then they will be able to advise you on which events best suit your team. One thing is guaranteed, it will be a hugely motivational session and your conference will be remembered!
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