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Internet Marketing And Free Advertising

Feb 29, 2008
One of the more potent forms of Internet marketing is through the use of a press release. In many cases this is referred to as 'free' advertising. The reasons it is thought of in that way is because when the press release is distributed it is generally picked up by online and print magazines and published at no charge as a news item.

If you have studied aspects of online marketing you already know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a 'free' method of getting search engines to rank your site higher.

For business owners on a budget the use of SEO and the press release are two proven methods to maximize your site exposure with limited costs.

"What a minute!" I can hear you think, "If it's free how can there be a cost involved?"

Good question. You see, unless you are especially gifted in writing press releases you will need to hire a writer to craft a release that highlights the best information, gathers appropriate quotes and statistics and writes the release in a way that encourages publications to print it. Secondarily unless you have significant personal contacts you may need to higher an online press release distribution service to make your release widely available.

As you can see there will be cost involved for your 'free' advertising in the form of a press release. On the flip side of that coin you will find that if you had to pay for all of the locations the release may ultimately be found it would cost much more.

If you are going to attempt to write a press release on your own you need to know that the first paragraph is designed to provide the most basic information and everything else written should compliment that original statement.

For instance if you are developing a new website that is designed to sell cowbells the following might be a way to start the release (I chose the name, because as of this writing it was not in use).

The launch of MyCowBells.com has its web design owner, Scooter James saying, "The initial results of our site prove that the world has been waiting for a one-stop shop for their bovine bells." The site is crafted to appeal to site visitors needing cowbells for farm use or for home décor. The Wranglin' Room provides farm based stories sent in by site visitors.

If a news organization were to read the first paragraph they would have an understanding of what the press release was about.

There are those who suggest you need to release information a little bit at a time over the course of several paragraphs, but most news media professionals do not have time to review every press release that comes across their desk. By using the first paragraph as a synopsis for the release it makes the chances of publishing better for you in the long run because the reader doesn't have to second-guess what it's all about.

There is incredible promotional value in utilizing the 'free' aspect of press releases. However, you should never be afraid to call on someone to help you make your release shine. In most cases it can pay huge dividends as more and more news outlets print your release.
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