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What I Learned About Sales From My 9 Year Old

Feb 29, 2008
Sometimes you can learn amazing things from watching kids.

Since my son was three years old I have been generating income from the internet. He as heard me talking about making money, building web sites, and building a business.

What has happened is that he has turned into the smallest entrepreneur I have ever seen.

For example, he has started a small business in our cul-de-sac. Once a week he goes to 5 houses and picks up all the brown piles their dog(s) have left during the week - he picks up dog poop in their backyards. He pulls down $4 per house, so about $20 per week for a couple hours of work. He loves it and the neighbors are happy to pay!

But that is not really the focus of this story. You see a while back we had a garage sale in our neighborhood. This thing is massive - people come from all over to attend this neighborhood sale. Well, we had some junk to get rid of, so we had a sale as well.

He decided that he was going to sell water bottle (ice cold!) and donate the proceeds to some local victims of a huge tornado. So he made up a sign and filled the cooler with ice and bottled water.

He was in our driveway all day. Mostly sitting behind the cooler and sign in his lawn chair. He was making sales. Then one time, he got up and met someone in the driveway and said "Would you like to buy a bottle of water for fifty cents? I am donating all the money to the tornado victims."

Guess what? The guy bought two bottles!

Emboldened by his success he started doing this every time someone walked up to our driveway. His sales skyrocketed!

In 12 hours of total selling he made $49 and sold 90 bottles of water.

I started thinking about this powerful lesson and how I could apply it to my network marketing business.

Do you see the one simple thing he did that changed the outcome of his business?

He opened his mouth and told people what he was doing. He did not rely on his sign or advertising to generate the sale. He simply told people what he was selling and asked them if they wanted to buy.

I can think of a many occasions where if I had simply opened my mouth and shared what I was doing in my business, or told someone about the product, I could have made the sale.

Wanna see a change in your business? Just open your mouth and start talking, and be sure to ask for the sale!
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